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Eating right is not just a matter of your daily diet. In order to eat properly, you need to understand what the various foods are, what micro- and macroelements are necessary for the human body at different levels of health, types of activities. It is for this reason that the issue of weight loss is complex, and for its solution it is necessary to involve specialists with different profiles.

Gillian Young

Gillian Young is a Custom Wellness and Night Eating Syndrome Coach in the USA. Gillian is one of the only coaches in the world who specializes in night eating syndrome. She helps people to overcome their night eating habits, lose weight, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Gillian’s unique approach combines coaching, education, and behavioural therapy to help her clients achieve long-term success. If you’re looking for help with night eating syndrome, then contact Gillian today for a free consultation.

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And the www.villageviewpost.com team consists of nutritionists, endocrinologists, sports medicine, preventive medicine, functional and integrative medicine specialists, and nutritionists. Our knowledge is aimed at creating and improving educational programs for those who want to get modern knowledge about nutrition, the principles of drawing up a competent diet. Together, we can raise the awareness of citizens about the rules of healthy eating. And, consequently, to qualitatively influence the state of health of the population.

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