Thursday, June 19, 2014

Workplace Rights For Belizeans In The US

The Honorable Roland York, The Consulate General of Belize and Ruben Rosalez, Regional Administrator from the U.S Department of Labor, Wage, and Hours division (WHD) has come together today to sign a memorandum of understanding to bring awareness of workplace laws and regulations applicable to Belizeans in the U.S. The objective of this agreement is to help Belizeans understand their workplace rights, in particularly with regard to violations of the minimum wage, working overtime and not being paid, child labor, record keeping and all laws establish under the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Belizeans who have worked in the U.S and returned home and even deportees who worked and left the U.S being owed wages, can collect their back pay and benefits through this initiative. 

For more information contact the Belize consulate at (323) 634-9900 or Ralph Valles at the U.S Department of Labor, Wage, and Hour division (626) 732-4928.

The WHD is working to get Belizeans their money owed and establish a system for referring complaints about unfair Labor practices. 

Know your rights! 

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