Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Bake It Again" : Commentary In Belize's Leading Newspaper Condoning RAPE

On October 20, 2013 a commentary in one of Belize's leading newspapers, The Amandala (print edition only), was published under the heading "Bake It Again" by Colin BH. The statements made in this article condone the culture of rape and violence against women and girls in Belize and everywhere in the world. In my opinion, this is one of the worse editorial decisions I have ever seen in any of the major newspapers in Belize. Simply put, this is an endorsement of the rape and blaming of women and girls who are raped; rape is a violent crime and perpetrators everywhere should be punished. 
The following is an excerpt from Mr. BH's editorial:

"Rape is the most heinous of crimes and deservedly carries severe penalties. But the rape of a male by a male is more heinous than the rape of a female by a male. Consider that (1) the female might one day fall in love with the male; (2), the female provoked the immature/crazy male to commit this act; (3), it is a natural act; (4), the female might be entirely whorish, so the act is of little consequence."
Rape knows no boundary and respects no lines of gender, class, age or privilege. It's the responsibility of each of us to teach our children and anyone else in our care not to commit rape, and to respect the boundaries and rights of others.
This is about human rights! Everyone has the right to be safe from violence, regardless of gender. And everyone has the responsibility to choose not to commit harm to another human being.

I am appalled by these statements and I am calling for The Amandala to publicly apologize to all women, men and children in Belize.

Here is a link to Colin BH response to his critics


Reva Garnett Kidd said...

Disgusting, don't get me in the same room with that bigot...

Tiffany said...

Ms Linda this is exactly what I was thought in school many years ago. That women are the one that cause men to rape them. That is the reason why we must cover up ourself. It is a culture in our society but until someone close to them get hit then they will change. Such a shame that Amandala would even print this rubbish!!

Annie said...

Totally disgusting! He has "no idea" what people found offensive? Let's all just lay down and get raped...what's the point of fighting? Clearly, our bodies are here for men to do with as they please...

Janet said...

Rape is rape. It means sex without consent. I, a girl am out on a date with you and we are fooling around, and I say No, stop. It means just that, STOP! It applies across the board!
I can tell you a true example, I went out with this Wall Street Lawyer, and I wanted to jump his bones, but I assume that he was playing it safe and just drove me home.
On the ride home, I was thinking, don't make a fool of yourself, if it is meant to be, we will have another date, we did and the rest is history!
I believe that you cannot have your cake and eat it too.