Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anita Mesh Re-Elected As Chair Lady In San Jose, Orange Walk - Belize

Anita Mesh re-elected as chair lady in San Jose, Orange Walk

By Eddie Herrera

San Jose Village is a large community on the Phillip Goldson Highway in the Orange Walk district adjacent to San Pablo Village. The two villages are only separated from each other by a sleeping policeman (speed bump) and are generally considered one community.  

Nevertheless, the villages have different village councils.  While San Pablo villagers simply endorsed the uncontested participants, the people of San Jose voted for their leaders on Sunday June 9, 2013.  San Jose village has a population of nearly 4,000 and about 2,000 electors.  Those numbers make San Jose an important area for the politicians of Orange Walk North.  That’s why on June 9, the area representative and standard bearers for Orange Walk North were present at the village council elections taking place at the San Jose Government School.  Although a significant amount of electors did not vote, 1,066 votes were polled.

At the end of the elections, the people of San Jose once again elected Anita Mesh as chair lady.  Councilors Virginia Cowo and Amir Gonzalez were also re-elected, while new councilors are Sergio Cuellar, Gilberto Cruz, Naziria Perez, and Ravey Escalante. The winning team celebrated their victory at Mr. Fidel Garcia’s residence.

About Eddie
Eddie Herrera is a resident of San Jose that is dedicated to assist in the development of his community and country.  He is currently studying tourism at the University of Belize.

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