Friday, January 25, 2013

PUP Cayo Party Chairman Killed In A Home Invasion In Cayo, Belize

Peoples United Party (PUP) Cayo Central Chairman Steven Valencia was just killed this morning in a home invasion at his home on La Loma Luz Blvd in Santa Elena, Belize.

Police suspect that access was gained through a back door which was found broken. All they took was the $7 he had in his pocket, said his 6 year old daughter who witnessed the incident.

Does being a man and having honor means killing an innocent person? I want to believe that human life means something in Belize. Where is the highest values of integrity, caring, compassion, social justice, truth, personal peace and harmony gone, and what kind of depraved mind will kill a man in front of his 7 year old daughter?!

As a nation, we have lost all respect and regard for human life, and until our values are reversed in that respect, we can expect more horrendous tragedies as was witnessed in Santa Elena this morning. We have created in the last 30 years a culture based on our idolization and emulation of much of what's produced in North America. Materialism and lack of early parental supervision is a constant contributing factor to our lost moral soul as a nation. Need I say more?

My thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends of Mr. Steven Valencia. 


 San Ignacio Police are investigating a shooting incident that has left 40 yrs old Steven Michael Valencia dead. Just before 9:00pm on Thursday, January 24, 2013, police were called to Valencia’s residence on Loma Luz Boulevard, Santa Elena Town Cayo District, where his lifeless body was seen in one of the bedroom in a pool of blood with apparent gunshot wounds to the upper back, right foot and right thigh. 

 Initial investigations revealed that about 8:45pm on said date, Valencia was at home with his two daughters when a noise was heard coming from behind the house and at the same time, the back door was stamped open and two dark complexion male persons, unmasked, entered the house, one of whom was armed with a shotgun, ordered him to lie on the floor, demanded money and fired shots at him causing the fatal injuries. Valencia’s body awaits post mortem examination and police are investigating.


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sarah lee said...

Why PUP Cayo Party Chairman killed and where?Anybody knows about it.Home invasion

Sarah lee

sarah lee said...

Why PUP Cayo Party Chairman killed and where?Anybody knows about it.Home invasion

sarah lee