Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Serious Injury Threatens The Career Of Brilliant Cricket Club Captain

News has been received from Crooked Tree Village that the captain of Brilliant Cricket Club, Mr. Eldon Wade, is suffering from a chronic knee injury, which may end his cricket career, unless he undergoes major surgery abroad. Eldon has been suffering from an injury to his knee for several months until he was diagnosed with articular cartilage destruction from degenerative arthritis of the knee fused from sport injury. He was advised by his doctor to seek immediate surgery in Merida. The cost of the surgery is BZ $12,000.00.

Eldon is a senior cricketer and a member of the Belize National Cricket Association. He represented Belize on numerous occasions both at home and abroad. He was the Man of the Tournament when Belize won the Central American Cricket Championship in 2006. He is presently the captain of Brilliant Cricket Club and has coached youth cricketers in Crooked Tree Village for several years.

Eldon is in need of your help to raise the funds needed to pay for the arthroscopic surgery. His families and friends have established a fundraising drive to raise the needed BZ $12,000.00. If you are able to help, please contact Mrs. Josephine McGee at telephone 708-466-6141 or e-mail for further instructions as to where to mail your contribution to this cause.

Eldon is looking forward to undergoing the surgery to correct the serious injury to his knee so he can return to the captaincy of Brilliant Cricket Club. He also looks forward to continuing to coach the youths of Crooked Tree Village.

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