Saturday, December 1, 2012


The whereabouts of John McAfee, the anti-virus software millionaire, turned blogger, on the run from Belize authorities may be coming to an end. The Belize police has been looking to question him since Nov 11, 2012 for the murder of his neighbor, American native, Gregory Faull in the town of San Pedro, Belize. Faull has been found shot to death in a pool of blood in his home. A 9-millimeter shell was found nearby. What happened after turned into a worldwide media frenzy.
McAfee started a blog while on the run and a post went up on it earlier today citing  "unconfirmed report," of his capture somewhere near the Belize-Mexico border. McAfee has used his blog in a jarring manner to tantalize the government and Belizean authorities while running (he claims) from pillar to post in Belize. Last week he claimed if he is captured that he has written enough material to keep the blog going for a year. Someone named Chad will be in charge of his blog in case of capture. 
If this mess is true, I am sure almost everyone in Belize is happy!!
The police in Belize has not yet confirm the capture. If there is anything new from Belize Police I will keep you updated. 
Here is the link to his personal blog:
Below is his first interview on the run, in person, by CNN today. John McAfee maintains his innocence.
And here is a very good NY Times story of John playing "Hide-and-seek in Belize:

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