Monday, October 22, 2012


 I read lately that Belize is on a list of countries considered or being thought to be a pariah state. Pariah in this instance means a country whose behavior is out of line with international norms. Now even if this were not true, the mere fact that Belize is included in these failed states is both alarming and disappointing. Imagine a country, with a population of a little over 300,000, with boundless natural resources including a thriving tourism industry, placed in this position. It breaks my heart to see how low we have fallen, how utterly inevitable it is that this free fall will continue, until we come to our senses and elect men and women who have Belizes' interest first and foremost on their agenda.

When Mr. Goldson and Mr. Price were in politics, no one had any doubt but that their allegiance and devotion was to Belize and the Belizean people. They made us proud to be Belizean and we were respected, people and nations were rooting for us to succeed, and we could see a future that was full of promise. These two men and others were true Belizean patriots and political patriots. Now what we have are political vultures, elected officials, who over the last 25 years in both political parties have been raping, abusing and selling out their constituents.

We don't control our borders, we don't control our economy, we don't control our streets. We differ to religious and foreign predators to determine how we live. Corruption rampant everywhere, the police, the judiciary, religion, education, civil service, mainly immigration and customs, every aspect of our lives is tinged with some aspect of corruption.

The last party that was in power, the PUP, destroyed our economy to such a level that they were overwhelmingly rejected in 2008. The current administration is catching up to them very quickly, and if things don't change drastically and very soon, well, the consequences are unimaginable.

We the Belizean people are to be blamed for all this. We know who these creeps are and we keep reelecting them and when things go awry, we start to bawl. We have to start finding politically incorruptible candidates that will have the people and the country first and foremost in their governance and decisions. It just gets boring seeing all these ne'er do wells that didn't have a pot to piss in, suddenly become rich and fat on the backs of, and at the expense of the people.

Think of it people, we are a pariah. Land of the gods by the Carib sea! So sad.

Commentary by pele

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