Saturday, June 2, 2012


A Thank You Message From Kim Simplis Barrow, wife of Prime Minister of Belize.

As you all may know, Mrs. Barrow has been hospitalized in a Miami hospital for complications from her chemo and radiation treatments. Yesterday, the message below was received via Facebook from the First Lady herself, she expresses her thanks and appreciation to all those who sent her messages of support.

"My fright and panic after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and learning of the severe heart damage that the chemotherapy drugs have caused me, were greatly relieved by the knowledge that so many of you were praying for me, and willing me to survive this. I am truly grateful and it is impossible to properly describe the comfort that your outpouring of support has brought me. I thank each of you and want you to know that you motivate me to keep on fighting. It has been a draining, wrenching past few days. But while my heart will continue to be literally weak, it and my spirit are strengthened by your emails, texts and FB messages. The journey continues and I and my family will always be grateful. With God, your support and my determination, I look forward to the future. I ask all of you to continue to pray for all those on the battlefield of diseases. Thank you ALL!!"

Kim Simplis Barrow 06-01-2012

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Carrasco Bradley said...

Amen! Glad you are doing better today, keep fighting we are a strong nation behind you sister. Have a blessed Saturday.