Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Burt Haylock Vasquez

Chester Clyde Williams, Senior Superintendent Belize Police Department 

Update: Burt Haylock Vasquez, 28 year old Belize City businessman, has been charged and arraigned in court for one count of murder in relation to the death of Jasmine Lowe. He has been remanded into custody until the 14th day of August 2012. Thanks to all who assisted the police in making this possible. 

As it relates to the complaints relating to the other young girls, Burt Vasquez will be arraigned tomorrow on several other charges following 11 separate reports made against him by young girls who allege that Vasquez had attempted to pick them up and offered them money in the Cayo District. 

Press Release: June 20, 2012


Nazira Erales said...

Sick sick may God be with Jasmine's family and the other girls..... Let's not put a bad name on this family but the individual

Alden Jr Rankins Rhaburn said...

They need to be hang if found guilty. I hate hearing about the country I would died for going to crap!

Susan said...

Jasmine was my sister, Kathleen's neighbor. My heart goes out to her family. Why was there such a delay for Bert Haylock Vasquez to be tried for his earlier (2011) charges of "unlawful imprisonment, aggravated assault and indecent assault."? Had he gone to trial, been convicted and jailed, Jasmine would be alive today. Was it because his mother was a Belize City Councillor?

Linda Crawford said...

That's the big question Susan. But the only thing I can say is family and political connections. And also the lawyers that use every loopholes to get criminals off. Belize needs reform in so many way; starting with our court system and all the way down to how children are raised in our society.