Sunday, April 15, 2012


This is an interview conducted via telephone by KREM Radio in Belize on April 12, 2012 regarding a petition for a police station in Crooked Tree Village. 

Because of our petition, the area representative for the Belize Rural North is now sending a police officer to Crooked Tree Village. This is an action in the right direction, but our ultimate goal is a police station. Our previous police station was inoperable for many years and was burnt down on February 10, 2010. 

This petition will be extended for another week, April 22, 2012 or until we get a promise for a police station from the government of Belize.

My name is Linda Crawford and I was born and raised in Crooked Tree Village, Belize. And I'm now living in the US.

In the past three months, Crooked Tree Village, one of the largest villages in the Belize District, with a population of about 1100 people, has seen an increase in serious crime. A few weeks ago, villagers were alarmed when one of their village elder became the target of a violent home invasion involving weapons.

Even though I'm not living in the village, I am concern about the safety and well being of my many relatives and friends living there. I decided to form this petition to help my village! I have also taken into consideration the fact that our area representative for the Belize Rural North has promised us a police station for four years now, and has never gotten around to doing it. I feel if our village and descendants and friends abroad could muster 1500 signatures we could present them to the Government of Belize. Hopefully this could lead to a change in our community.

I strongly believe that the villagers of Crooked Tree deserve to be protected just like any other large village in Belize. I took this upon myself because our village does not have a functioning village council and I would not like to see this situation get worse. I believe if we have a police officer and a police station it would be less likely for crimes to be committed in the village.

The safety of our children, our homes and our community should be a priority!


Emilia Mendoza Wade said...

Excellent job, Linda...We truly need leaders like you who are not bias, but are looking for the welfare of the people,despite, what some may feel or think.

Emilia Mendoza Wade

Virginia Malcolm said...

Thanks Linda, all we need to do is sign the pettition my people. We don't know when we or someone we care about may need this service.Please continue to sign the pettition!!!!