Saturday, April 21, 2012


Community Awareness: A meeting will be held at the Crooked Tree Village Community Center on Saturday, April 21 at 7:30pm. Concerned citizens will be discussing the formation of a Neighborhood Watch Program.

A neighborhood watch program will help our village and community in the fight against crimes. We can help law enforcement by being their eyes and ears for what is not normal around our community.

The outline for the meeting is as follows.

1. Identify the areas on how best to improve security in the village.

2. Seeking donations from each business and residents of the village to help with implementation of the program.

3. Seeking donation from the Crooked Tree Village Water board.

4. Identify volunteers to train as security for each region in the village

5. Continue the community efforts in bringing a police and police station back to our village.

Below are the names of the newly formed committee for the establishment of the neighborhood watch program.

Salome Tillett- Coordinator
Steve Perriott
James Dawson
Rudolph Crawford
George Guest
Dale Jex
Jerry Jex
Eustace Dawson
Donald Gillett, Jr.
Allen Tillett
Dean Tillett
Darrell Tillett

The strength of our village can only be built on the cooperation of its citizens. Please come out to Crooked Tree Village Community Center tonight. Let's bring back respect to our village!!!!!


Anadell Bennett said...

I suggested that along time ago. Good move, but try not to put the POSSOM TO WATCH THE FOWL CUB....LOL. USE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE. GOD BLESS!!!

Winfield Tillett said...

Nice to know that Villagers are thinking positively. Communities can do a whole lot to protect and improve themselves once they organize and work towards their community interest, and the common good. Keep it lawful, and don't become vigilantes. God Blessed.