Saturday, March 10, 2012


“Thank you Belize! You have renewed our mandate… the work continues.” In a press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow addressed the nation after a 17-seat UDP victory countrywide. PM Barrow says that those UDP candidates that did not win will play “an integral part” of the running of the country’s affairs.

“It was a furiously fought campaign and there was an outpouring of support throughout the country. With the heat of the battle behind us, we hope that healing of the nation can begin. The United Democratic Party government must be a government for all Belizeans,” explained PM Barrow. “Our stand for Belizeans nationalism will continue undiminished and undaunted and our pro-poor program will be expanded. We want to extend our hand to the opposition to the civil society and to the NGOs. We want to be accommodating. Work with us, we say to the entire society, but don’t test us because we will not back-out… or else it will be ‘tit for tat our butter for fish’.”
Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained that a swearing-in of the new government will happen on Friday March 9th. On Tuesday, the appointment of a cabinet will be announced (by law 2/3 of 17, which is 11 elected parliamentarians can be cabinet minister). Four ministers will come from UDP appointed Senators. There will be 15 Cabinet Ministers.

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