Friday, March 30, 2012


The yellow variety; juicy and refreshing
The red variety; looking quite healthy and solid
Hiding this one from the birds
First juicy bite

I'm a great fan of Crooked Tree's organic cashew fruit and nuts, so when I see the fruits just budding I get in a particularly happy mood. The landscape in the village is still green, the lagoon still full of water; you can still find blooming wildflowers and thousands of birds. 

The cashew crop is almost upon us. The trees are in full swing for a bumper first crop. For those of you in North America with all that wacky weather, you are invited to come down here to get away from the hustle and bustle and be one with nature. Who knows if snow will not come for you in April!

Come and enjoy the warm holiday sunshine of Crooked Tree Village and the juicy and sweet cashew fruit. And believe me when I say Crooked Tree Village is inviting this time of the year.

Photos by Dr. Jane Crawford

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Beulah Flowers said...

Good memories of spending Easter and Summer vacations in Mullins River. Roasting and cracking cashew seed!!!

Josephine Smith-Andrewin said...

Wow Linda, I can hardly wait to get there and have some. Thanks for sharing.

Malik Pancho said...

Cashew in Chicago would be real nice. Anybody coming this way? :-)

Desiree Wade said...

Cashews, how I missed them!!