Thursday, February 9, 2012


March 7, is elections day in Belize and what an interesting year of politics this is. The two major parties (People's United Party and United Democratic Party) have been out slinging mud at each other on TV and radios all over Belize. On Facebook yesterday, you were being suffocated with comments about these political ads.

In my opinion, all these ads do is cater to the party faithfuls; the die-hards. The ads are distasteful, but not worse that in previous elections or for that matter, ads that I've seen in the state of Florida recently. The PUP have called for the removal of one of their own ads depicting the prime minister as a dancer, stripping down to his underpants to get things accomplished for his family.  The next ad is by the UDP,  showing a "shit" bucket, and trashing the PUP for being nothing more than human waste.

In the US there is a relationship between candidates and super-PACs; they spend millions of dollars attacking each other. These ads allow the  super-PACs to attack other political candidates without blaming the particular politician supported by the ad for the attack. It is definitely nasty and sneaky, but it keeps the candidates' hands clean. Nonetheless, it still causes a controversy and they most definitely are been created in poor taste. 

There are only few positive ads, and as the political race becomes more heated the ads get more negative. It would be nice if advertisements were about the candidates and what they can do for you; instead they focus more on talking badly about the other candidates. 

Three other small political parties (PNP, VIP and IDP) are joining together to form a new party, Belize Unity Alliance. Let's hope that they will uphold a higher standard. 

Regarding the ads in Belize, both parties are guilty of these nasty attacks. All they do is encourage their party faithfuls to disrespect each other. And distasteful ads can hurt your image or your brand. 

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