Friday, September 2, 2011


Edward "King" Westby
House destroyed by twister
The new house crossing the Crooked Tree Lagoon

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), the government agency established to preserve life and property in Belize in the event of an emergency, is today delivering a brand new house to the Westby family in Crooked Tree Village.

A little over week after a tornado ripped through the Pine Ridge area of Crooked Tree Village, uprooting cashew trees and damaging homes, the family of Edward “King” Westby has moved into a brand new home. Mr. Westby said he is thankful for the new house but most of all thankful to be alive. “I remember going through my stuff blown in the bushes, then I did a double take; it’s all material things, things that we could replace". King said the things that mattered most were “our lives, my family, we are all alive”. He also would like to thank his family in the USA and the villagers for their help and support.

"We are just so grateful", said Mary Oshan, the common-law wife of Edward Westby, as she prepared to enter her new home for the first time; "it just means so much to us... it’s going to be so nice to feel at home again, nothing can prepare you for what happened”.

The 20 x 28 foot home includes space for a full bathroom, two bedrooms and a combined living and eating area.

Mr. Westby said he would also like to thank Minister Melvin Hulse and the area Representative Hon. Edmond Castro.
Trying to pass the narrow country road


Tessa said...

Linda, thank you so much for this! You rock, you rock!!


Ari said...

Beat the last fixer-upper he was in!

Geraldine Bailey said...

God is good!!! Bless those people.

Yvette Quiros said...

Nice to see that the government responded so quickly in time of need......Well done job Ms LC...

Louise said...

It is real good to see such quick response. I am so happy for King and his family.

Thanks for posting the pictures Linda.


Rev. Vernon said...

Good job reporting Linda...Thank you!!...♥ rev