Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Teacher George Tillett with his class: please click on photos for a closer view
How many of you remember those Staples commercials? This particular one I’m remembering is with the guy in the pool and the kids playing and screaming on the deck. You know what I’m talking about right? He just presses the big, red easy button—and like magic, the kids are outfitted in all of their school supplies!

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if back to school shopping in Belize were really that easy—and affordable too?

The reality is that back to school time can be a tremendous hardship on low income families—especially those who have to provide school supplies and uniforms for more than one child in the home. In this current recessive economy, schools are being hit the hardest and the government, with an already tight education budget, is no help at all.

Many schools in Belize are tightening their purse strings and in the Belize District, some schools are being amalgamated. And some of these schools don’t have enough school supplies to go around; sometimes what they have is old and shabby. With limited school supplies available, teachers sometimes end up spending their own hard-earned money to buy pencils, pens, notebooks, and textbooks for students whose families cannot afford them. On top of paying for school supplies, teachers also usually pay for photocopies, chalk, blackboard markers, posters, and classroom decor out of their own pockets.

So how do we keep our teachers and parents from picking up the slack when it comes to needed school supplies? With your demonstrated kindness and generosity, of course!

Over the past two months Village View Post has been conducting a fund raiser for school supplies. Many of you have stepped up to the plate to power this school-supply drive for the children of Crooked Tree and Lemonal Villages. Your kindness towards our children is well grounded, first and foremost, in your strong belief in education. Contributors like you want our eager young minds to have the tools for learning, and at the same time, prepare Belize for the future.

For some of you, the school-supply campaign stirs painful memories of being ashamed of turning up the first day of school empty-handed and embarrassed. You do not want another young student's face to be red with embarrassment!
Thank you to all who made it possible through your generous donations to give these items to the Crooked Tree and Lemonal schools: pens, pencils, pencil cases, rulers, glue, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, composition books, and art supplies. Because of your generosity, our children are now able to start the school year off on the right track. Your contributions were distributed to the schoolchildren on the first day of school, September 5th, 2011.

Thank you to Cherry Cadle and Emelio Mena of Easy Shipping (941-255-1031) in Port Charlotte, Florida for making the school year a happier one for teachers and students alike. The boxes were delivered in Crooked Tree Village to Becky Crawford.

Below is a list of people who contributed:

Bernadine Faber, Stephanie Anthony, Verla Kerr Bidos, Stephanie Gonzalez, Louise Crawford, Rose Dawson, Robbie Dawson, Lisbon Tillett, Ruth Wade, Josephine McGee, Avril Wade, Maggie Leslie, Nadia Crawford, Pamela Anna Campbell Pandy, Lisbon Tillett, Debbie Rowley, Caroline Rowley, Ariel Elul, Gilah Elul, Benjamin Elul, Edward Melcer, Kaitlyn Kliewer, Kareem Ferguson, National AIDS Commission Belize, Pamela Sedacy, Mary Tillett Lamey, Dr. Jane Crawford, and Becky Crawford.

Hope I didn't miss anyone!!  
Photos by Teacher Verla Jex and Dr. Jane Crawford


Debbie Rowley said...

I enjoyed seeing how the kids were expressing joy for what they got in their bags. It was a pleasure shopping for the supplies.

Anonymous said...

Brings tears to my eyes. God bless you all!

Glenn said...

Tremendous, a supply of love!


Wendy Auxillou said...

Brings tears to my eyes! Thanks for a job well done!

Louise Crawford said...

The children looked happy with their little bags of school supplies. I am hoping that next year more people will contribute to this worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

A BIG thank you to those who made it possible. What may seem as a small gesture to some is a big deal to others. Your efforts are well appreciated. Keep up the good work!!


Pamela said...