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Mrs. Susan Tillett, daughter of Christiline and Ezekiah Gillett and Mr. Roland Tillett, son of David Tillett and Emma Westby Tillett  of Crooked Tree Village. They are the parents of  Lillian, Claire, Minette, Rosilee, Leland and Earl, all deceased and Margie, Gerry, Marcia and Danny Tillett.
Christopher Gillett, a son of Crooked Tree Village: Can anyone from CT recognize the family of this gentleman.
Ms. Rufina Tillett, mother of Mr. Hughson Tillett, Mrs. Zillah Gillett, Mrs. Ethel "Taati" Gillett
Crooked Tree Village Reunion will be hosting another family tree display at the 2012 reunion, April 6th-8th. At the 2008 reunion there was a nice presentation, and some of the family trees were spectacular. We are only 8 months away from the reunion, so now is a good time to start!

Would you like to learn more details about your family’s heritage, or are you curious about your family history, but don’t know where to start? Well, the best place is with the elders in your family, and the best time to start is now while they are still around. With all the computer technology and social networking sites out there today, it is really an easy and fun way to gather a lot of family information.

Another possible way to connect with friends and relatives is through They even have a program that will connect you by telephone with whomever you found and want to talk to. They also have a subscriber’s list of over 900,000.

Genealogists and genealogy websites have plenty of information for beginning and building a family tree. You can start with yourself by jotting down all important dates- marriages, births, graduations, divorces and re-marriages. Write down all the names you have been know by, where you lived, where you went to school and where you worked.
Do the same for your parents, brothers, and sisters. Write down the names of your parents and grand-parents and all their siblings.

Repeat all of the above for your parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Try to build your family tree based on facts, and repeat and confirm all the information you gathered with various family members. The more you inquire, the easier it will be to move from one generation to another.

Make appointments to speak with family members about family history. Some of them may even pull out old photos or records to share with you. A good idea is to keep the conversation light when asking questions, and let the conversation go where it will. You never know, you might learn a lot.

Write down everything, and with today’s technology, you might even want to use a video camera. Please corroborate any information you are not confident about with several family members, or to be on the safe side, see if you can find historical records at the library or registry, and again at on-line sites.

The last thing, but not the least, please exercise care when posting the information you gather on line. You never know, your great-great-grandmother might be born out of wedlock, and by publishing this private information you might anger some of the family members. Be very careful not to divulge too much private and personal information online.

So, get the family story going, ask all the important questions, and we hope that you will be ready to display more beautiful family trees in 2012. You never know, you might win the prize!!

This will be a village reunion for the record book. COME ONE, COME ALL; COME HOME TO CROOKED TREE VILLAGE!!

2008 reunion’s winners were:

First Place- The Codd Family, presented by Shirley Codd Guest
Second Place- The Adolphus Family, presented by Barbara Rowland
Third Place- The Gillett Family, presented by Tischel Diaz

Folks from Crooked Tree Village, who all are related to these good people on these pictures here?
Mrs. Ethel "Taati" Tillett Gillett, daughter of Mrs. Rufina Tillett
Mrs. Zillah Tillett Gillett, daughter of Mrs. Rufina Tillett
Hezekiah Gillett
Mrs. Lucinda Tillett Gillett and Mr. Hubert Gillett
Mr. Samuel Russell
Ms. Maria Crawford (L)
Nichols "Baye" Crawford

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