Friday, August 19, 2011


There is so much going on as it relates to our bit of the Caribbean Sea, and, in this writing I hope to open the senses about that which we hold so dear. We need to start paying attention to our things marine, because while “dawn [used to be] a fisherman,” the rest of the day is pure savagery as it relates to our marine resources these days.
The only time we Belizeans seem to take serious notice of our seas is in time of hurricanes, border dispute flare-ups, or some major cocaine-related drama. And while these are important events, we must also look at protecting the “coastal zone” year round. Prevention is better than cure. Yet, we don’t pay much attention when our highly efficient Coast Guard busts rebel fishermen with baby lobsters barely two (2) inches long, protected sea cucumbers, and undersized and out-of-season resources. This ambivalent attitude is not going to cost us later: it’s taking its toll now. Right now!
85% of our reef is dead, dying, or in serious trouble. That’s the declaration made by our senior marine conservationist on YaYa’s KREM Sunday Review last Sunday. I simply had to rewind the tape during the break to make sure I heard right. Yes, Mr. Roberto Pott said 85%. This should be enough to raise all the alarms. At this rate we won’t have a living and healthy reef in 10 years, which means we won’t have much fish, conch, lobster and all the wonderful diet the sea provides. I was appalled. And so it is with this righteous indignation that I unapologetically committed myself to doing something about it. 

Image courtesy of Ambergis Daily

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