Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Rising prices and economic hardship are being felt all over the world and that squeeze is being felt even more so in Belize. A significant percentage of the children in Belize live below the poverty line.  As a result, when the family budget is under strain, the children are often the first ones that feel the pressure. The education of our children is at stake.  How can we help?

Children in Crooked Tree and Lemonal Villages are in need of school supplies. The average classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that make for a meaningful educational experience for kids. Often times the teachers have to buy these supplies from their own pockets.

We can make a real difference by providing them with the essential tools they need.  

The Shoe Box should include school supplies that will fit into an adult size
SHOE BOX; plus US$5.00 to cover shipping cost to Belize.

On September 5, 2011 when our children return to school, the Crooked Tree Village Reunion, Family and Friends will present the supplies collected to our children. We believe that this will not ONLY put a smile on the faces of our children, but this will help to encourage our children to reach their fullest potential.

Your donated shoe box should be received no later than August 15th, 2011 and mailed to: 

EASY SHIPPING C/O Cherry Cadle and Emilio Mena who will receive your parcel/shoe box and deliver your donations directly to Crooked Tree Village Government School.

Shipping Address is18340 Robinson Ave, Port Charlotte, FL 33948....phone 941-255-1031

Your gift will bless a child and their family.

Recommended Items:
·    Colored pencils, crayons and markers
·    Ruler with English and metric measurements
·    Colored pens
·    Erasers
·    Pencil box
·    Glue sticks
·    Pens and pencils
·    Pencil sharpeners (individual and classroom)
·    Pocket dictionaries
·    Pencil cases
·    Toothbrush & Toothpaste
·    Hand sanitizers (1oz)
·    White out
·    Calculators
 You now have the opportunity to make the difference in the life of a child by providing them with the essential tools they need.

Simple things like pencils and pens can be expensive for a family or a single mother. Promoting a child’s education is one of the greatest thing a person can do.
Please take the time to donate and help a less fortunate child. Your donations are greatly appreciated!! 


Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,

This is such a wonderful idea. My little boy who is 5yrs old already packed and ready to ship his box. He has the utmost sympathy for causes like this.

He saved every penny he earned with the intention to by a big boat to sail the world when he gets to be a big boy. This school supplies drive came about and I talked to him about it, he said mom "After all I do not need a boat, the kids need their school supplies so they can learn about space and galaxy, I hope they all want to an Astronaut like me......:-)

JoJo McGee said...

Hello all, I a so on-board with this. Cherry, my box will be in the mail shortly.


Pamela Knox Sedacy said...

I will post at my job.

Linda Crawford said...

Great Pam and thanks very much.

Verla Jex said...

Trust me, our kids need these stuff and they will surely appreciate the generosity of those who can help.

Mary K Cariddi said...

This is an AWESOME idea!