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Akirov Towers. Most prominent resident: Minister of Defense and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak.
The Ramat Gan Diamond Bourse, which was first to define the TLV-RG urban skyline.
The rest of the country is not free of this luxury high-rise scourge. Worse yet, the farther out you get from the center, the funnier the names get. Meet Haifa’s Sail Tower and Netanya’s Sea Opera.
To the south: the Neve Zedek Tower casting its long luxe lifetyle shadow over quaint and trendy Neve Tzedek, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. To the North: The Yoo Towers, designed by the master, Philippe Starck.
And Jerusalem’s Holyland, the project that launched a thousand corruption lawsuits!
The W-Tower residential high rises in Tel Aviv were nominated for the Best Tall Building Award, presented annually by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in Chicago. At 46 stories, is Israel’s tallest residential building.

Weekly round-up of the Hebrew newspapers in Israel; covering the major events happening in Israel and the Middle East. 
The headlines this week in Israel are dominated by the housing crisis. Middle class Israelis are protesting against soaring housing prices and high cost of living.  It started in Tel Aviv, but by the end of the week had spread to other major cities of the country. The protesters have brought to light the wide spread discontent among Israelis over the growing gaps between rich and poor Among the protests are doctors striking over working conditions and pay, parents demonstrating against expensive child rearing costs and similar outpourings over increasing gas prices. Police in Israel said over 100,00 protested in ten cities across the country from Beersheba in the south to Kiryat Shmoneh in the north on Saturday night, July 30th.

 Above are a few of the projects that are really making it impossible for new homeowners to afford to live in Tel-Aviv and other major cities.

Haaretz, Maariv, Israel Hayom and Yedioth Ahronoth lead their Monday editions with the latest popular protest to sweep Israel – the protest against the prohibitively high cost of housing. Yedioth Ahronoth and Maariv report that the protest, which began in Tel Aviv, has now spread to other cities, while Haaretz headlines Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s assertion that a solution to the housing crisis will take up to three years.

Israel Hayom turns the largely social protest into a political event, reporting in its lead headline that the ‘National Left,’ under the leadership of Eldad Yaniv has ‘infiltrated’ the tent city and is trying to ‘hijack’ the protest.

In other news, Yedioth Ahronoth carries a report from Sunday’s Der Spiegel, which claims that Germany has finally agreed to provide Israel with a sixth Dolphin submarine, reportedly capable of carrying a nuclear weapon. According to the report, the German defense minister promised during a visit to Israel last week that his government would partly fund the manufacture of the sub by earmarking 135 million euros for the endeavour in the next budget. According to reports, each submarine carries electronic intelligence equipment and several dozen soldiers. It was previously reported that Israeli submarines are stationed in the Persian Gulf near Iran.

Elsewhere, Army Radio reports that the Air Force targeted a Palestinian cell in Gaza preparing to shoot Israeli soldiers early Monday and dropped leaflets warning Arabs to stay away from the security fence. It was the sixth straight day that Israel has staged retaliatory or preventive strikes in Gaza. Monday’s strikes were carried out in coordination with the Shin Bet.
The IDF said it continues to hold Hamas responsible for all attacks from Gaza, where the organization rules. Several other groups, often in coordination with Hamas and sometimes acting to upstage it, also possess rockets. Hamas and other  organizations possess at least 10,000 rockets and missiles, most of them crude Qassam rockets but many of them also longer-range missiles that can strike metropolitan Tel Aviv, according to military estimates. Although none of the recent rocket attacks have caused physical injuries, they have sent several people into emotional shock and serve as a psychological weapon. An early warning system of an incoming rocket gives people 15-20 seconds to run to bomb shelter.

Meanwhile, a senior Hamas member jailed in Israel says that the Islamist organization had agreed to the deportation of 82 Palestinians prisoners who would have been freed as part of a deal to release captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. According to the official, the 82 prisoners would have been deported abroad or to the Gaza Strip. The Hamas official said in a letter to the Palestinian Maan news agency that the terms of the deal were worked out during the tenure of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, but fell apart with the demand of his successor, Binyamin Netanyahu, for the addition of another 76 prisoners to the deportation list. The Prime Minister's Office did not respond to the report.

And finally, Haaretz reports that the Palestinian Authority is planning a massive diplomatic campaign to gain recognition of statehood from both the United Nations as well as individual countries, Palestinian chief negotiator Sa'eb 'Ereikat said on Sunday, according to a report by the Maan news agency. 'Ereikat explained that the PA had a two-prong goal: ‘First gaining recognition of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital, secondly gaining membership as a state in the UN.’ 

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The country is certainly on American Airlines’ radar screen. The carrier is running a seat sale to this northernmost of Central American countries just now. Book and buy no later than Aug. 8. Travel out by Nov. 10, and return no later than Nov. 17.
Sample fares are each way, and you’ve got to make a round-trip purchase to get them. Taxes and fees are not included.
  • Washington, D.C. flights to Belize City (usually $806 roundtrip) are $238 each way.
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth flights to Belize City (usually $966 roundtrip) are $240 each way.
  • San Diego flights to Belize City (usually $869 roundtrip) are $263 each way.
  • New Orleans flights to Belize City (usually $851 roundtrip) are $275 each way.
  • New York flights to Belize City (usually $842 roundtrip) are $275 each way.
  • Oklahoma City flights to Belize City (usually $1,000 roundtrip) are $287 each way.
  • Baltimore flights to Belize City (usually $919 roundtrip) are $293 each way.

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with a Theatre Award nomination for Best Leading Actor!

On July 19th, 2011. The Beverly Hills-Hollywood Chapter of the NAACP (National

Association for the Advancement of Colored People) nominated Belizean actor Kareem
Ferguson for his role in the West Coast Premiere of “Free Man of Color” which was
produced by The Colony Theater in Burbank, California. Ferguson played the role of
John Newton Templeton, a real-life historical figure who was one of the first freed slaves to graduate from an American University and he did it almost 40 years before the Emancipation Proclamation.

“Free Man of Color” was performed from August to September in 2010 and was met
with universal acclaim. The LA Times gave it a “CRITIC’S CHOICE!” calling
Kareem’s performance “Excellent! Ferguson has a rare ability to connect to us without
obviating, effortlessly inhabiting Templeton’s growing awareness.” LA Weekly gave it a
“GO!” saying “The cast is stellar all around, taking us on a journey that stresses the
urgency of fulfilling the promises upon which our country was built.” Back Stage West
gave it a “CRITIC’S PICK!” calling it “An impeccable production…Ferguson
luminously navigates the process by which Templeton sheds his naiveté to become a
strong, shrewd man.” Variety described it as “Excitingly told! Plays out like a historical
mystery … that becomes exponentially interesting as it goes along … Beautifully cast!” took note of the “outstanding performances,” saying, “Kareem
Ferguson makes John Newton Templeton a man of steadfast conviction and stature, an unforgettable portrait.” Glendale News Press called it. “Fascinating,” adding, “It is
Ferguson’s show from start to finish. His open face and yearning eyes are a ray of light
in the darkness that surrounds Templeton at every turn. Ferguson makes you truly feel
what this captivating but forgotten American might have really been like.”

“The NAACP Theatre Awards will be held on August 29, 2011, at the Directors’ Guild
of America building in Hollywood, California. The star studded event now in its 21
st edition is a four day celebration of achievement in Black Theater and will culminate with the awards ceremony, where Oscar nominated Actress, living legend Diahann Carroll will receive this years Life Time Achievement Award.

A constantly working actor, Kareem belongs to the two largest acting unions SAG (The
Screen Actors Guild) and AEA (Actors Equity Association). He has performed on theater stages across the United States touring with the world famous Guthrie Theater, acting in plays at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, the Alliance Theater in Atlanta and Milwaukee Repertory Theater to name a few. Internationally Kareem had the opportunity to visit and perform a raucous hip-hop version of ‘Taming of the Shrew’ in Shanghai, China.

Television credits include popular TV shows such as Scrubs, Las Vegas and Deadline.
He also has a list of independent films and a cable mini series for Here Network under his belt. To continue developing his craft Kareem is a member of two prestigious theatre companies in Los Angeles, The Actors Gang who’s Artistic Director is actor Tim Robbins and Ensemble Studio Theatre –L.A. headed by actress Gates McFadden. In the fall Kareem will act in two films one of which he is co-producing. Currently Kareem can be seen as the character Tybalt in ‘Monsters in Love’ a family friendly fun interpretation of Romeo and Juliet at The Actors Gang in Culver City, California

AWARDS LIST website:

Media inquiries for Kareem Ferguson contact:
Publicist: Dennis Fresnel
Phone: 310-853-3641


On July 24th, 2011 New York State became the fifth largest state in the US to legalize same sex marriage; wedding bells rang out for more than 800 same-sex couples.

Activists say it could be a bell-wether for other states. A recent Gallup poll shows 53 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage. That’s double the percentage 15 years ago, when Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act.

Now President Obama has called on Congress to repeal the law, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. On Friday, he certified the end of the Pentagon policy preventing gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the military.

There were so many anti-homosexual protest all over NYC; mostly by religious groups. This particular group of Chabadniks...Orthodox Religious Jews....staged their protest in Manhattan's Lower East Side.


Please remember,  there's a school supply drive for Crooked Tree and Lemonal Villages. 

If you can help just one child, then please do it. Your help can go a long way by making a difference in the life of a child. Your donation will surely help them to become the person they strive to be.

Village View Post seeks to alleviate the strain on already strapped household budgets and gives local children the basic tools they need to succeed in school.

The principal and teachers tell me that children routinely show up to school without the basic tools they need to do their school work, and many times they have to buy from their own pockets. Supply shortages present a serious challenge for teachers and can lower the quality of education our children receive. 

You can help me achieve my goal with a quick trip to the dollar store. Please Help!!

Come on all, lets Stuff the Barrel!!!!

Package should arrive by Aug. 15th, for the Aug 25th of the "Back to School" shipping by Easy Shipping to Belize.....And you can read more here:

Thank you to the following people:

Stephie Anthony                                            Bernadine Faber

Nadia Crawford                                             Pamela Knox Sedacy
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Ruth Wade                                                     Stephanie Moguel Gonzalez
Arlette Crawford                                            Josephine Wade McGee
Josephine McGee                                          Carolyn Rowley
Yvette Adolphus Quiros                                Debbie Rowley
Mary Tillett Lammey                                     Rose Dawson
Pamela Banner Bucknor                               Robbie Dawson
Gilah Elul                                                       Lisburn Tillett                                                
Ari Elul                                                           Anna Campbell Pandy
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Beni Elul


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Bucket O' Crab
The race is on; who can get to the other side alive!
The blue crab is a delicacy, but can cause damage to your tires with their very sharp claws

This time of the year driving in the area of mile 7/8 on the Northern Highway you can smell the aroma of dead crabs that have been crushed under the tires of passing vehicles. You might also see men with sticks and bags walking along the edges of the highway. No, they are not picking up trash......they are actually hunting the blue crabs for a meal.

 Proper way to hold the crab.........securing both claws
Crab-catcher Tyrell Williams and his friend Red Bwai
 If catching the crabs is not your cup of tea, you can buy them from the young men at just Bz$10.00 per bucket; they arrive all hours of the day but bring your own paper bag or sack. The crabs are not separated by size; just whatever can fit in their buckets; small, medium or large.

Be careful when getting ready to cook your crabs; their claws are small, but can inflict a nasty pinch. The best way to handle them is with tongs. The favorite crab dish in Belize is crab soup and a large steamer pot is a must. The crabs must be submerged in boiling water and carefully cleaned and set aside for your soup.

For the soup you will need a generous amount of coconut milk, green plantains, Matilda foot (grated young plantain), and some of your favorite spices. It should take about 30 minutes and served with white rice steamed with coconut milk.

Summer time is the tyme to get cracking with blue crabs in the town of Ladyville, Belize.

Belizean Crab Stew Recipe

Submit a photo for the recipe: Belizean Crab StewServes 6
  • 8-10 medium to large crabs
  • 2 green plantain (cut into small pieces)
  • 1 small pig's tail (cut off excess fat)
  • 1 large onion
  • 2-3 teaspoons Lea and Perrins Sauce
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 small round red recardo
  • 1/2 teaspoon thyme
  • 1/2 teaspoon any of your favorite seasoning
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1-2 cups thick coconut milk
  • Matilda foot (see the recipe below)
How to cook Belizean Crab Stew:
  1. To kill crab, place it in hot boiling water.
  2. Remove from water with long spoon. Dis-joint legs from body and crush the large claws.
  3. Add season. Boil pig tail and green plantain until tender.
  4. Meanwhile, grate coconut and squeeze (leave 2 tablespoons milk for Matilda foot).
  5. Add seasons to crab in boiling water.
  6. Add Matilda foot to stew. Cook for another 15-20 minutes.
  7. Lastly, add coconut milk and taste. Serve the Belizean Crab Stew hot with steamed rice.

Matilda Foot Recipe

  • 2 green plantains
  • 1 turn or half-ripe plantain
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons coconut milk
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 tablespoon margarine
How to cook Matilda Foot:
  1. Peel and grate plantains.
  2. Mix flour, salt, and baking powder together.
  3. Melt margarine (low heat).
  4. Add margarine and milk to grated plantain, mix well.
  5. Drop by teaspoon into boiling stew.
The Belizean Crab Stew is very easy to prepare and so good!

The Belizean Crab Stew recipe is adopted from The Belizeans Favorite Foods by Erleen Godfrey.

All photos by Dr. Jane Crawford

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Weekly round-up of the Hebrew newspapers in Israel; covering the major events happening in Israel and the Middle East. 

Two stories dominate the front pages of Israeli newspapers on Tuesday:  One, new suspicions against former President Moshe Katsav, and the Boycott Law, which was approved on Monday, July 11th by the Knesset.

Israel Hayom, The Jerusalem Post and Yedioth Ahronoth all lead with the Katsav story, who has already been convicted of sexual harassment and rape, is now suspected of hiring a private investigator to intimidate the women who testified against him.

Haaretz and Maariv, went with the Boycott Law story as their leads. According to the headline in both papers, the Boycott Law – which allows companies and organizations that have been subjected to boycotts by Israeli individuals or organizations because of their location over the Green Line – to sue for damages. Both papers note that, while the bill was passed by a comfortable majority, there is a good chance that the High Court of Justice will throw it out as unconstitutional.

According to Israel Radio, several human rights groups have already announced that they will petition for the cancelation of the just-enacted law. The parties to the petition are the 'Adalah Arab legal centre, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Rabbis for Human Rights and the Women's Coalition for Peace.

Meanwhile, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources, the intensive American efforts to create an agreed outline for renewed negotiations between the two parties have failed. The sources said the Palestinian leadership is now more determined than ever to pursue the recognition of an independent Palestinian state at the United Nations in September.

The foreign ministers of the Middle East Quartet met on July 11th, Monday night in Washington, D.C. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met separately with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, Quartet envoy Tony Blair, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to wire reports, the Quartet failed to announce any progress to revive peace talks, saying there are still gaps between the two sides.

‘There are still gaps that are impeding progress,’ said a senior Obama administration official who briefed reporters after the meeting on condition of anonymity. ‘Realistically ... more work needs to be done to close those gaps.’ Another official, quoted in Haaretz, said that the meeting was an ‘excellent and serious discussion on the next steps. [The Quartet foreign ministers] expressed support for President Barack Obama’s May Middle East speech and called to start preparatory phases of talks without any preconditions.’

Finally, Israel Hayom says that Lebanon has responded angrily to Israel's proposed maritime boundary, calling it an act of ‘aggression,’ as a dispute builds over huge natural gas and oil reserves beneath the sea. Lebanon has submitted its own sea boundary proposal to the UN and on Sunday, Israel's cabinet approved a conflicting proposal, which it plans to send to the UN, too. Lebanese President Michel Suleiman warned against unilateral decisions, saying Lebanon is ready and has the right to defend its borders and resources using every ‘available and legal’ means. He said the issue would be discussed at the Lebanese cabinet meeting this week.

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Belmopan, Friday, 1st July 2011:                                                                                                           

The Gracie Rock Resource Centre was officially inaugurated at 10 am on Sunday 3rd July 2011 in Gracie Rock Village, Belize District.

The Centre is part of a project being implemented by the Social Investment Fund (S.I.F) that aims to strengthen the capacity of some 174 Gracie Rock Village residents to increase their income from tourism, recreational activities and other local resources in the area.

Under the project, the village’s community centre was upgraded into a resource centre at an approximate cost of $190,000.  The rehabilitation of the centre was financed by the Government of Belize through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). A second phase of the project is to be considered to equip the improved facility with computers with access to the internet.

The work scope included the  replacement of the roof and ceiling, the installation of new doors and windows, repairs to the rear, western and front verandahs, the  kitchen and the bar; installation of tiles,  new bathrooms, rewiring of the electrical system, painting of the entire building,  repairs to the septic tank and soak away and the supply and installation of a  submersible pump in the Sibun River and installation  of a pipe transmission line to a  rotoplast tank, which will supply the resource centre with water all year round.
Gracie Rock is a small scenic village located on the banks of the Sibun River near the Pecarry Hills of Belize.  While the villagers have traditionally hunted and lived off the land, with the advent of cruise tourism in the Belize District, many villagers have gotten involved in alternative livelihoods such as tour guiding, handicraft and catering to visitors at the main tourist attractions in the village, namely Pecarry Park and the sandy banks of the Sibun River, which is a popular swimming spot.

Many of the villagers depend on subsistence farming, livestock and sand mining from the river. Villagers also produce cooking oil for their home use from coconut and cohune nut trees.

The main speaker at the official inauguration of the resource centre was be the Hon. Michael Hutchinson, Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development and Area Representative for Belize Rural Central.  Other speakers were representatives of the Gracie Rock Village Council and the Social Investment Fund.

Press Release No. 19 - 2011: For further information please contact Mr Mike Hernandez Jr. J.P., Director of Public Relations, Social Investment Fund, Tel: 822-0239/0508; Fax 822-0279 or via email at or Cell No. 634-4002.

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Rising prices and economic hardship are being felt all over the world and that squeeze is being felt even more so in Belize. A significant percentage of the children in Belize live below the poverty line.  As a result, when the family budget is under strain, the children are often the first ones that feel the pressure. The education of our children is at stake.  How can we help?

Children in Crooked Tree and Lemonal Villages are in need of school supplies. The average classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that make for a meaningful educational experience for kids. Often times the teachers have to buy these supplies from their own pockets.

We can make a real difference by providing them with the essential tools they need.  

The Shoe Box should include school supplies that will fit into an adult size
SHOE BOX; plus US$5.00 to cover shipping cost to Belize.

On September 5, 2011 when our children return to school, the Crooked Tree Village Reunion, Family and Friends will present the supplies collected to our children. We believe that this will not ONLY put a smile on the faces of our children, but this will help to encourage our children to reach their fullest potential.

Your donated shoe box should be received no later than August 15th, 2011 and mailed to: 

EASY SHIPPING C/O Cherry Cadle and Emilio Mena who will receive your parcel/shoe box and deliver your donations directly to Crooked Tree Village Government School.

Shipping Address is18340 Robinson Ave, Port Charlotte, FL 941-255-1031

Your gift will bless a child and their family.

Recommended Items:
·    Colored pencils, crayons and markers
·    Ruler with English and metric measurements
·    Colored pens
·    Erasers
·    Pencil box
·    Glue sticks
·    Pens and pencils
·    Pencil sharpeners (individual and classroom)
·    Pocket dictionaries
·    Pencil cases
·    Toothbrush & Toothpaste
·    Hand sanitizers (1oz)
·    White out
·    Calculators
 You now have the opportunity to make the difference in the life of a child by providing them with the essential tools they need.

Simple things like pencils and pens can be expensive for a family or a single mother. Promoting a child’s education is one of the greatest thing a person can do.
Please take the time to donate and help a less fortunate child. Your donations are greatly appreciated!! 

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This is a segment to honor and recognize outstanding Belizeans and their descendants for their accomplishment and contributions to life.  As a proud Belizean, I believe it is imperative that we support and promote Belizeans both at home and abroad. You are an important part of our community. We hope we can inspire our children to reach for the stars.

You can nominate a candidate for Belizean Spotlight that you believe has excelled or contributed to our life. 

Previous “Spotlight of the Month” can be found in the archives.
Kelsie Clinton Henry Buller, Sr. Esq

Currently in the US, about 1 in 3,300 people live to be 100 years old. That translates to about 0.03%. France has a slightly higher percentage, and Japan a bit lower. And those are the leaders worldwide. So, closer examination of the lives of these individuals is indeed a worthwhile exercise. We can learn a lot from them. And we most certainly ought to celebrate this most significant accomplishment.

On September 18th, 2011, Kelsie Clinton Henry Buller, Sr. Esq. will join the Centenarian Club. With less than 90 days to go, the excitement is beginning to build. And, as we continue the countdown, this is perhaps the most appropriate moment to highlight the life and times of our very own matriculating member of that prestigious club.

Almost 100 years ago, in what was then Stann Creek Town, Kelsie Clinton Henry Buller made his first appearance on this physical plane. Born to Rachel Alberta Malone and Henry Aguedas Buller, he was almost immediately at a disadvantage, for he did not have the benefit of a stable home and the traditional family unit. His early childhood years were spent with his grandparents in the Village of Mullins River, where he distinguished himself by finishing at the top of his primary school graduating class.

But the odds were against him, and even that accomplishment was insufficient to earn him a secondary school education. Instead, he would work in his father’s store for the next several years before being sent away yet again. His late teen and early adult years were spent working in his uncle’s saloon in the then capital city of Belize. And this was when he began consciously taking control of his destiny. The $3.00/week he was earning did not leave him much choice. Determined to continue his education, he enrolled in his first correspondence course.

Fate would eventually return him to Stann Creek Town, where he assisted his father with the store and a citrus orchard, before taking over when his father passed at age 61. This was not a good time. Newly married, raising a family and now having to deal with the harsh reality of an almost bankrupt business he inherited, it would have been understandable if he had not been the least bit successful.
But to him, this was simply the latest set of challenges he needed to overcome. And he set about doing so in methodical fashion. Before long, he had rebuilt the business, acquired a second citrus orchard as well as additional income properties, become the agent for Maya Airways, functioned as Shipboard Inspector for outgoing banana shipments, taken on the position of Superintendent of the Fire Brigade, owned a football team, sponsored a winning candidate in the Queen of the Bay beauty pageant, been elected Chairman of the Citrus Growers Association and traveled to London to represent the association, served as an elected member of the Stann Creek Town Board, married Doris Fairweather with whom he fathered six of his nine children and rebuilt both the store and the home after one was destroyed and the other significantly damaged by hurricane Hattie in 1961.

Many of these were accomplished simultaneously – very significant for someone with such humble beginnings. Yes, he had become a pillar of the society. And he was recognized and rewarded with two commissions. The first was Justice of the Peace. The second was Commissioner of the Supreme Court. Today, he is the oldest living Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Belize.

In the late 80’s he migrated to the USA to be with his children. And it was there, at age 70, that he first decided he wanted to live to see 100. He set out to accomplish this task with the same determination and diligence as all previous challenges and objectives. This is one of the most difficult objectives to achieve, as evidenced by the tiny percentage of people who actually reach that milestone. There are numerous problems to overcome along the way. In the last few years he has lost his sight and some of his hearing. He forges ahead despite these setbacks. Most importantly, he is of sound mind.

We sincerely hope and pray that Kelsie will achieve his objective of becoming a Centenarian. We count down the days with every confidence that he will make it. And we look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with him.