Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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Crookedtreeians love their fresh fruits! Mango is a healthy nutritious fruit from Belize and the tropics. This year I've eaten more mangoes than any other fruit in Crooked Tree, with May plums coming in a close second. But I won't forget my good old friend the cashew. Each day I would stand under the trees and eat nine to ten sweet and juicy cashews.
This tree is about 60 feet tall. This particular variety is called Black Mango.....sweet and juicy like...It's beyond delicious for breakfast. 

Check out the ground and this is just from a day or two. Every few days they are raked and dumped.

Belmopan people coming to CT for mangoes.
A comfort natural to crave these babies. But again, not enough people to eat them. The pigs and cows eat them too. Loading the truck for the pigs!
April and May is the best time of the years to sample a variety of fruits in Crooked Tree Village; tin addition to mangoes there are May plums, Golden plums, Cashews, Custard Apples, and Mamie. 
Piles of mangoes, most of it being raked up for the dump.....the aroma can be sniffed from across the road.
Rich in vitamin C and A.....just back to the earth, what a shame!
What to do with them.....
Take your!
Deliciously rich in anti-oxidants, potassium and don't forget the natural fiber.
OK.....I found some use......Making mango jam!
The finished product by Dr. Jane Crawford and for sale too......US$ only!!

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