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Primary school graduations are a new creature in Crooked Tree School. In my days there was nothing like the pomp and circumstance of today. Our graduation was just about getting our report cards, making sure all marks were high, cleaning our desk, scrubbing the floor, and if we were lucky end of year parties with cupcakes. What I remember most on my exit from primary school is hugs from teachers, hugs from your best friend, group hugs and more hugs.

Students, staff, parents and community members gathered June16th to celebrate the graduation of 24 special children at the Crooked Tree Village School; they are special because all 24 of them have passed the PSE for entrance into high school. Walter Perriott received the student of the Year and Valedictory awards.
                                                 Walter Perroitt-Validictorian
The students decorated one of the school’s buildings earlier in the day into a beautiful reception hall with balloons, palm leaves and streamers.
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Salutatorian was Megan Gillett and the Vote of Thanks was given by Amber Gillett. Special invited guest speaker was Mr. Dwight Tillett.
Meagan Gillett
 Amber Gillett
Dwight Tillett-Guest Speaker
The closing prayer was given by Mr. Churchill Gillett who encouraged all the young people to believe in themselves and not to let others discourage them.
Churchill Gillett
The parents of Crooked Tree Village would like to extend a special thanks to Principal Winnie Gillett, former principal Verla Jex, and all the teachers who have molded the minds of these young people.
Principal Winnie Wade Gillett
Principal Winnie Gillett would like to thank the 2011 Scholarship donors
Anonymous BZ$600.00
Anonymous BZ$500.00
Jocelyn Allen BZ$500.00  
Elaine Du-Bose BZ$500.00

Walter Perriott and Amber Gillett are still in need of scholarships.

If anyone would like to sponsor these children for high school please get in touch with Principal Winnie Gillett at: Crooked Tree Village Gov’t School, Belize District, Belize, Central America or E-mail:   

The cost of tuition for the school year is BZ$500.00 per child.

Photos 1-5 and 8 and 9 by Elston Wade; others by Prin. Gillett

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