Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm trying hard not to show it, But baby, baby I know it …You’ve lost that loving feeling…!

Do you sometimes get to a point where you are completely worn out from what you are doing? My writing that used to thrill is feeling like a chore here in Belize. The tedious little tasks are getting to me and some of it has to do with the slow pace of the internet sometimes.

I don’t want to quit, but I do want to get some of my old magic back, the way it was a few months ago.

Blogs and businesses are a lot like marriages. Sometimes you’ve got to put in a little extra work to keep the spark alive.

I sure could use a few ideas to re-romance my blogging. Any ideas to rekindle the spark that will keep the flame as bright as it used to be?

But don't worry, I'm still passionately in love!!


JC said...

I subscribe to your blog and enjoy looking for the articles when they reach my inbox.

As for the internet here in Belize... well, let me not get on my soap box yet again about that but I truly understand, considering the business i am in relies heavily on internet.

Keep the articles coming and know there are many other avid readers out there like myself looking forward to your stories.

I will think of some ideas and let you know :)

Helen said... are such a beautiful lady! I read your blog everyday and find it very interesting and informative. You are doing such a wonderful job. Keep doing what you are doing - GREAT JOB!


FP said...

Hi Linda,

Good Morning and happy Friday to you. It is Memorial Day weekend here in the US
and I am looking forward to relaxing and catching my breath after a hectic week!

First of all, you are doing a great job with your website! You are able to entertain and inform and most of all keep our Belizean people connected. You are a giver, Linda! You cannot be compensated enough for your time, energy, commitment, dedication and hardwork that goes into writing, editing, updating etc. You are also a saint by the way.

I hate dealing with slow internet! Ouch! You get extra credit for dealing with all that there in Belize! I hope you hang in there and take a break when you need to, but I love your website. I hope you never quit!

Your big fan,

your bro,


Pam said...

Hi Linda, maybe you can post questions for people to answer and post all the answers like ordinary everyday things like cooking, child rearing, etc; anything that will get people involved.


DG said...

Love your post today....very provocative!