Monday, May 30, 2011


Aurelio with guitarist Guayo Cedeno
Aurelio and the Garifuna Soul
Belizean culture is made up of sub-cultures that co-exist, but not always in harmony of each other’s traditions.

Last Saturday night the Bliss Center was packed with adoring fans and connoisseurs of Garifuna music and culture to see the best parandero performer around. Belize is Aurelio Martinez’s second home; he’s toured here many times before and due to popular demand will be here again.

I found myself dancing non stop in my seat. This is why: Aurelio’s dancing; guitar picking and singing is a crowd pleaser. The audience came from a cross section of Belizeans; former prime minister, lawyers, current government ministers, and writers. The majority of people were middle aged, but that doesn’t mean they were tame. Not by a long shot!! Between almost every song, women were dancing in their seats. Aurelio revealed his charm in every moment he had with the audience; he loves to laugh and dance, connecting with the audience by talking directly to them. And of course the audience responded with waves of affection. He opened with words of affection for Belize. Before singing he explained his long standing friendship and collaboration with the late Andy Palacio; Belize’s greatest punta rock and parandero artist.
Aurelio Martinez is a true creature of the stage- his music might not be to your taste, but just watching his command of the crowd was an unforgettable experience.

After the show the artist happily autographed his new CD and even members of his band-Garifuna Soul- were interacting with the audience.

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