Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Baysnook from Crooked Tree Lagoon-click on photos to view
Crooked Tree Village is well known for its abundance of fish in its lagoons. And it's only fitting that they celebrate with a fish festival.  The annual Fish Festival was last weekend, April 16th and 17th. 

The kick off started on Saturday with a variety of food, fun and entertainment accompanied by a whole lot of family fun. The festival attracts visitors from many villages in rural Belize.  The purpose of the festival is to positively promote the village's culture and to bring awareness to overfishing.
Visitors lining up to buy fish
The fishermen in Crooked Tree Village and the Fishery Department of Belize worked together to implement catch share;  a system of management to prevent overfishing. The Village Council and the Concern Citizens Group worked diligently and constructively to set the fisherman on the right track. Working together using catch share is the solution to overfishing, to protect the lagoon and bring back fish stock to abundance. With the right choices, we can all enjoy abundant wild “Bay Snook”, and is seen as the best way forward for the village's fishermen.

Net full of fish
Removing the catch from the net
When it come to fish, there's nothing better than a fat and healthy baysnook

All photos by Dr. Jane Crawford


Verla Kerr-Bidos said...

Wow, those fish are beautiful!!!
Wish I was there!!!
Leave some for me....

Nads said...

Love these fish....wish I could get one right now!