Friday, February 18, 2011


Channel 7 and Jules must be congratulated for their investigative report on how the gas companies are gouging consumers without even the least bit of remorse. What makes this even more egregious is that the poorest of the poor, those that can least afford it, are bearing the brunt of this scam that has put millions of ill gained profit in the pockets of these predators, these shameless thieves, these vampires that have systematically sucked the consumers dry for God knows how long. I was watching Krem Morning News today, and Mose Hyde commented that in any other country these parasites would have their business destroyed or shut down, and he is right. When a business that the nation as a whole is dependent on for survival betrays the consumers' trust, drastic measures have to be implemented to remedy the wholesale larceny that is taking place.

To make matters worse, this so called Bureau of Standards is a joke. The person in charge seemed clueless as to what has been going on and has apparently been dragging his feet and just following the gas companies' line, instead of exhibiting righteous indignation at the perfidy that is on going. In fairness, I believe the bureau is way understaffed and apparently is left to its own devices, ergo an unsupervised industry that is a law unto itself.

When you look at LP Gas & Supplies and how much cheaper and honest their way of doing business is, it's a wonder that people would still do business with these other companies that are so blatantly and repeated taking advantage of the innocent customer that works hard for his/her money, only to be taken to the cleaners by these legitimate con men. Maybe LP should just open offices all over the country and make the other companies honest.

Finally a lawsuit should be filed to get all those stolen profits back into the hands of consumers that have been robbed. Either the government or the consumers themselves should file class action lawsuits to stop this from ever happening again, hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. These parasites should be made to pay. And they must always be under scrutiny.

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Anthony said...

They got busted big time! These people new all along that their instruments were not working, but they prefer to steal from the people, and for decades.

Since this little research, all gas purchases will now have to be weighed.

Shameless, all of them for robbing the consumers for so long!!


Orange Walk said...

Busted, Busted, Busted!!!! These thieves should be in jail. And god knows what the other companies are doing to us, like BEL and BWS. Should we trust them to read our meters.

Yes, a class action lawsuit should definitely be filed to give the people back their money.

Living in Orange Walk!