Monday, January 17, 2011


Lately I have been thinking of Janessa Jones, the 12 year old child from Ladyville that was found brutally murdered after being missing for 3 days. I have been thinking of how wonderful and innocent childhood has always been. To get up early in the morning and run outside barefoot and feel the warm dew curl about your toes, so comforting. To open a new book and smell the pages, nothing smelt better. To learn to swim, ride a bike, ride a horse, play house with your dolls and your cups and saucers and plates. Cowboys with your pop shot guns, ring a ring a roses and hide and seek, and listening to ghost stories and being deathly afraid of the dark. Knowing that your parents loved you, that the police were the good guys, that you could trust and respect your elders. You ate when you were hungry, and the only time you were in the house after doing your chores, was when it was time to eat or sleep. It was a time of innocence.

Janessa was probably thinking what it was going to be like to become a teenager. She was probably wondering about high school and clothes and puppy love and was she pretty enough and what she wanted to be when she grew up. I am sure she had dreams, at that age we all have dreams of all the possibilities that life has to offer. Janessas' dreams will never be fulfilled; her sudden and violent death erased her and her dreams. It is so sad.

It is so sad that these days children don't read books anymore. They have all the electronic gadgets that have replaced reading, playing outside, socializing with other children. They have become insulated in their own little worlds of television and cell phones, Xbox etc.  Have you noticed lately that you don't see kids playing outside the way they use to? Parents are afraid to let their children out because of predators or all the violence that is abound in the streets nowadays.

As parents we have an obligation and a duty to make sure that the kids are all right. To protect them, censor them when necessary; raise them to be good and responsible adults, and most of all to love them with everything in us. We might not always be good husbands or wives, but we always have to be good parents. Let our children know every day of their young innocent lives how much we love them, every single day! And show them by being responsible parents. 

I hope that before she died Janessa knew how beautiful and special she was. 

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Albert said...

This is so sad, but very true!

Debbie said...

Truly a time of innocence, but we are paying for progress. All is gone, everything is gone, such a shame!


Ted Wahler said...

Wonderful post today @Linda! Brilliantly written, every word perfectly shaped to the message.

I struggle with the "what if's" sometimes, less so since I stopped teaching but still it comes up. I have realized that the world has indeed chang...ed and reflect on how my own parents thought that I was run amok sometimes. I turned out pretty good in the long run and I have faith that the younger generations will find their own way.

I have less of an answer as to the crime and brutality that is so apparent today. I know that the media allows us to know about something bad happening half a world away but I sense that more bad is happening overall.

Wants and desires have fueled the retail addiction that in-turn fuels the working schedules of so many parents. It is a vicious cycle. If I could offer one suggestion to young parents that would be to indulge less in the material world and teach by example. Keep the family and community tight and keep the bad influences out.

Thanks for the post. Be well.

Julia said... sad. Innocence lost.

Pamela Banner Bucknor said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine this happening to any child. It's too horrible to imagine.

How can anyone dare do something so reprehensible.

Winfield Tillett said...

Very good article. It is from this positive outlook that the problems in Belize would be better solved.

Anonymous said...

How could people be sooo Evil, an innocent little Girl. My heart goes out to her and her Family, I am shure she knowes she was special.
She is in God's hand now where she is safe.

Aretha said...

This is a well written article; sad to say, but it's so true....we as parent need to get back to that place we grew-up in...teach our kids what we have learned in our
childhood.....parents, don't put anyone or anything before your children. Love your children like you love yourself.

Monica said...

This is soooo sad! Responsibility falls on the PARENTS. We gotta quit letting TV babysit our kids and spend time with them ourselves. My daughters cannot watch TV if I'm not supervising; they are 4 and 7 years old.

Laura said...

All parents need to look out for all children, not just their own; it takes a village to raise a child. When I was growing up in Crooked Tree Village anyone could stop you and discipline you if you are doing something wrong.

Nowadays, the children themselves will put you down. Manners and respect are long gone. What are we doing wrong? Materialism, drugs, and sex will do us in.

So sad, so, so, SAD!!