Saturday, January 8, 2011


Principal Verla Jex with her class at Crooked Tree Village School-Please click on photos to view.

The parents of Crooked Tree Village and the principal of the Crooked Tree School would like to thank Josephine Wade McGee for donating Christmas gift bags for all 185 children of the Crooked Tree Village School. Mrs. McGee said that she understands that there are many children in Crooked Tree who are not so fortunate. “I want each of them to know they are our future and will have a huge impact on our country and in the world. Life is as much about helping others achieve as it is about our own personal achievement".
Josephine Wade McGee
Principal Verla Jex said that the gift bags brought joy to the children's faces and that she was proud of the time taken to give to others. The principal also added that the reactions on their faces were heartwarming; the children are thankful. It made a difference in the lives of many of the students.
Your donation to the children is a wonderful expression of caring and in the spirit of giving back to the community.
Teacher Winnie Wade Gillett with her class
Teacher Sherolyn Webster with her class
Teacher George Tillett with his class
Teacher Ardith Tillett with class
 Teacher Julia Wade
Teacher Rebecca Flowers (R) and Teacher ??? (L)
Teacher Vero Westby Lauriano
Teacher Uriella Wade (L) and Teacher Roshana Webster (R)
Thank you Mrs. Josephine Wade McGee from the teachers and staff of Crooked Tree Village School. 

All photos from Josephine Wade McGee


JoJo McGee said...

Thank you Linda for this post. I am happy you did. I posted the pictures on Facebook to share with family and friends so, that they can see the beautiful kids of Crooked Tree, these kids are very smart and with the help of our dedicated hard working, committed teachers, (Mrs. Verla Jex and her team) their future will be full of successes.

Village View Post is a great medium for us to keep in touch, reminisce on the past, and passing information along. The articles are educational and frankly, quite informative.
Please keep in mind, caring is sharing. Sharing can be given in many form. Words of encouragement, moral support, being a friend, show some love, giving back a little, a little goes a long way.
Education is vital to our kids future. If You are blessed with a little, please share with our school and our health center. God Bless.

Jo Jo Mcgee

A gift no matter how small is a great incentive for a child to study hard and excel in school.

Pam said...

Linda this was such a beautiful gesture. We all need to be involve in some way or another to those less fortunate than ourselves.

We all sometimes get caught up in our lives and forget to think of others, but we need to take a breather and think of others.