Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Prime Minister Dean Barrow has announced that following negotiations in Miami, Carnival Cruise Lines has backed down on implementing policies that could affect the Belize tourism industry. Carnival had attempted to implement policies that would allow only boats with a capacity of 150 passengers and more, to transport passengers from cruise ships to the mainland for tours and other activities. Local boats that provide these services have a capacity of 100 passengers and this policy would have put the Belize boat owners out of business.

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Josephine said...

The government need to fight for the rights of our people. Belizeans are loosing control of Belize slowly because of all the land and businesses being sold to the highest bidder. Belize is all privatized now.

I know we're in a recession right now but, they need to put their heads together and strategically work together and save what we still own.

I am not a politician by no means, and I'm not saying the prime minister and cabinet is not trying, but try harder to save what we have and quit with the selling.

It gets a bit frightening and frustrating when I go home and talk to people and hear some of stuff that is going on.

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Linda Crawford