Saturday, October 16, 2010


Raquel Battle wanted to create a comfortable place where terminally ill cancer patients could die with dignity. She has been living in the US for more than 15 years and is currently pursuing a PhD in Health Services: Health Management and Policy. Raquel is president and founder of the Blissfulsage Foundation. For the past four years Blissfulsage has been planning and working to open the first official hospice and home care program in the country of Belize. The National Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice and Home Care will be based in Dangriga, Belize. This Hospice program was inspired by Mr. Edlin Leslie, Sr. of Placencia Village, Raquel’s father, who lost his battle with prostate cancer three and a half years ago. The residents of Placencia Village, in Southern Belize, who have participated in and sponsored the annual “Battle Cancer” awareness run/walk in memory of Mr. Edlin Leslie, Sr. for the past four years, can be proud of their contributions in support of this National hospice program.
The general mission of this hospice program is to support those who have been diagnosed with cancer, are terminally ill and have been determined by a physician to be within their last six to eight months of life. Although we know that people will eventually die in our care, Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice and Home Care will not be a house of sadness, but a house of bliss. Our goal is to assist the patients in managing pain, and other symptoms, so that they can enjoy the last few moments of their lives with their loved ones.
We have been blessed with a space at #6 Bluefield Rd, Dangriga. In exchanged for the renovations the owners have given us full access to use of this facility for a significant period of time. Your support and donation will make it possible to open our program in June 2011.

Presently, we find ourselves at a tipping point. We, the Blissfulsage Foundation, need your support in making the The National Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice and Home Care program in Belize possible in 2011.
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Raquel Battle will be running the 26.2 miles Long Beach International Marathon on Sunday October 17th benefitting the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice and Home Care. She hopes to raise US$50,000.00 by June 1, 2011 and to reach the projected opening date of June 15th.  Your thoughts, prayers, support, and donations are greatly appreciated and will help to make her dream a reality!!!

If you would like to contribute or learn more, please contact the Belize Cancer Center, Dangriga, Mrs. Sonia Leslie, Placencia, at or on the "Battle Cancer" facebook cause page. You may locate this cause through Raquel Battle's facebook page.

 If you reside in the US and would like to donate, you may do so by mailing your check or money order to: Blissfulsage, 531 W Roses Rd. San Gabriel CA. 91775

In kind donations may include but are not limited to:

1. Vaseline
2. Balmex
3. A&D ointment
4. Gold bond powder or any powder with zinc oxide
5. Latex gloves
6. Medical tape
7. White cotton twin sheets.
8. Neosporin
9. Q-tips
10. Chucks (disposable and reusable)
11. Depends
12 Gauze
13. J&J lotions
14. Baby wipes
15. Hand sanitizers

We would like to invite Belizean Charities to participate in this program by holding fund raisers to make this dream come through. Thank you for doing what you can to support Hospice Care in Belize. Blissfulsage is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization based in the United States. Most recently Blissfulsage received its nonprofit status in Belize as well.


Cherry Cadle said...

This is what I am talking about, Belizeans giving back to the less fortunate. I wish Raquel all the best and hope that all Belizeans living abroad will give generously to such a worthy cause. I would like to let Raquel know that if there are any donations that would need to be shipped to Belize from Here in Florida, that Easy Shipping to Belize will be happy to deliver them free of charge.

Percy Lewis said...

Being the first and establishing it in Dangriga makes it extra special. Much obliged Linda.

Karen Dawson said...

Great reporting Linda! Nice to know... I only wish I could have got involved with that run.

Angela Palacio said...

Linda thanks for the post. I am so proud of Raquel and all that she is doing.

Jennifer Usher said...

Hi Linda,

This is great information to know, especially for Belizeans that want to retire back home.

Good news indeed!!!

Jennifer Usher

Dawn said...

Hi Linda, I am very grateful for this blog. I have learned a lot about Crooked Tree Village,Belize and your travels. So many of your articles about Belize are found only here.

Continue to do what you are doing for Belize. Don't give up!!


Lorna Smith-Thompson said...

Thank you for all the interesting and informative material you have been posting on the Village View page. I have been enjoying and sharing the information with both Belizeans and friends of Belizeans. Your work is much appreciated.

Unknown said...

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