Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dear Friends:

I know I probably do not keep in touch as often as I should, but this is one time I desperately need your help.

Many of the poorest people in Belize City who can least afford it had their lives totally disrupted by Hurricane Richard.  Today, almost a week after Hurricane Richard passed over Belize, there are still many destitute people with nowhere to live, nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, nothing to wear, nothing to drink ... NOTHING, PERIOD!   The worst victims of the hurricane are the children.  Yes, children today are sleeping outside in makeshift tents placed on ground cover of mud.  In a KREM TV special they filmed after the storm, they recorded the pleas for assistance of some of the hardest hit victims.  Friends, this situation could at any time happen to any of us our loved ones.  It is truly horrifying to those affected by the storm, but more so to the many innocent children who have to suffer.  Attached is a video filmed by KREM TV entitled "What do you need right now?"  Please take a moment to look at it.

Unfortunately, the official disaster response has been less than stellar.  To pick up the slack where the government has failed, a private initiative spearheaded by Indira Craig, television newscaster from Channel 7 news, has set up camp in the area and is serving hot meals to the affected residents.  Most of these people have NOTHING, not a stove to cook on or a small space to store supplies or groceries.  They are in desperate need of assistance.  For most of them, their entire survival depends on the availability of the meal that Indira and her wonderful group of volunteers are serving them.  I will stress again that this is a private initiative, hence no government funding.  It is all coming together as a result of private donations.  The soup kitchen is currently feeding upwards of 800 people per day.

There is no telling how long it will be before the situation of these victims improves, and the situation is truly heartbreaking and sad.  To that end, I have set up a connection with Glenn Tilllett, a trusted talk show host at Positive Vibes radio.  Indira and her crew are always on site serving meals, and she has no time to be running sundry errands.  To that end, Glenn Tillett has agreed to pick up donations on behalf of Indira's group.  Friends, let us give generously to this endeavor.  I will state again, at any time, this could be our situation.  How would YOU like to be treated?

Please donate generously to the relief cause.  I have made a quick check with Western Union (the fastest way we can deduce to make our donations count RIGHT AWAY) and they charge $15 to WU up to $100, $22 to WU up to $200, and $39 to WU up to $400.  So, if several of you each have $20 that you would like to donate, for example, pool the sum of money together into one wire transfer and pay only ONE $15 fee for the entire lot (versus $15 for each $20 transfer).

In any case, Glenn Tillett has generously volunteered his time to pick up any donations from WU and to transport them over to Indira Craig and her group.  In order for him to be able to do this, you would have to WU the money in his name (GLENN TILLETT, 1607 MANTA RAY DRIVE, LADYVILLE, BELIZE DISTRICT, BELIZE, CENTRAL AMERICA).  Again, this is just the FASTEST way to get donation money to the cause.  Glenn will pick up the money, hand it to Indira, and Indira will later confirm the donation once she is able.  This is for transparency.  Glenn's email is  His phone number is 605-6618.  Please text him your name (senders name) and the MTCN number once you send a donation so he knows what to expect, OR you can send him an email with the information. Friends, no matter how small big or small the amount, please send something.  These are our Belizean brothers and sisters that are suffering.


Wendy Auxillou

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