Sunday, October 24, 2010



By Norman C. Rodriguez

As the end draws near
And Satan roams more
We must draw closer
To God's open door
Get rid of sin
And matters unclean
And join in that effort
To destroy Satan's scheme

God remains unchanging
And showers His grace
But brethren let's hurry
And hasten our pace
For soon come that moment
When the Spirit takes leave
And those who dare tarry
Will wither like leaves

But one sure means
Of keeping in line
Is to stay in touch
By not wasting time
To be right with God
On Judgment Day
There's one sure thing
We must do today

Hurricane Richard slammed into Belize at approximately 6 in the evening today as a Category One Storm. Most of the hurricane effects are being felt on the coastal areas of Belize and approximately three thousand people including tourists are in shelters countrywide. Hurricane Richard has caused extensive damage so far, downing trees, power lines closing down roads and highways and destroying houses.
All of Belize is without power. Electricity was first lost in the entire southern Toledo District from 5 pm local time. This was followed by Belize City, then Western and Northern Belize.
Electrical power was lost in the Belmopan, capital of Belize at 7:30 p.m tonight as the government earlier this year had decommissioned the capital’s backup diesel generating station. All cable stations stations are offline now due to the power outages.
The only media online at time are Love FM (radio) and (web) both running on independent generator and internet service.
At 9 pm local time Richard is crossing Belize approximately 10 miles south of Belmopan with ferocious winds and rain and the city is in utter darkness except for a few embassies and private businesses that have their own backup generators for critical communications needs. One commentator on radio stated it  must be frightening to be enduring a hurricane in darkness – especially for folks in low income homes or in shelters that do not have backup power.

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Jennifer said...

Good Morning Linda,

Thank you, for the update on the hurricane. I have family still living in Belize, I pray that the damages is not that Severe and electricity will be restored soon.

May God bless you and our country,


Terese said...

Thanks Linda. Your efforts are appreciated.