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Cherry Cadle

There are so many important factors that will determine whether you will be healthy and happy, but this topic is VERY IMPORTANT if one intends to live his or her life free of diseases long into the future. You see, Enzymes are the cornerstones of healing because they are the foundation elements of the immune system.  As the late Dr. Edward Howell, a physician and the pioneer in enzyme research, refer to enzymes as the “SPARKS OF LIFE.” They power your thinking, breathing, sexual activity…… your very life.

There are three categories of enzymes: Metabolic Enzymes, Human Digestive enzymes and Fresh Plant Enzymes.

Metabolic Enzymes do the work in the body, they are workers. They take absorbed food products with their minerals and vitamins and build them into tissues. They repair the body and aim to keep the organs healthy. Metabolic enzymes remove worn-out material from the cells, keeping everything in repair and running smoothly.

Human Digestive Enzymes assimilate our food nutrients. Digestion actually begins in the mouth when digestive enzymes are secreted in the saliva. Digestive enzymes are stronger than any other enzymes in human beings and more concentrated than any other enzyme combination in nature.

Fresh Plant Enzymes start food digestion, and aid our own digestive enzymes. All foods contain the enzymes required to digest them. The best food sources of plant enzymes for humans are bananas, mangos, sprouts, papayas, avocados and pineapples.

According to Dr. Howell, Thousands of different enzymes- metabolic enzymes are involved in everything that is going on in the heart, lungs, liver, arteries, blood, muscles --- in all organs and tissues and your body is expected to make all of these digestive and metabolic enzymes.  While the body is required to produce less than a dozen essential digestive enzymes, functioning only in the food canal, it must furnish thousands of metabolic enzymes to service the numerous activities of the entire body.

So even though the body manufactures a supply of digestive enzymes, it should also obtain some of the enzymes either from eating raw food or by a supplement. The ability to make these enzymes is being seriously compromised by our diet of so much processed and highly cooked food. And you ask why this is a problem? The problem is, all this cooked food that we are eating is dead and without any enzymes.  Our body has to spend too much time producing the digestive enzymes needed for the digestive process. This leaves very little time left to produce the metabolic enzymes needed to do its various work in protecting and repairing our cells as mentioned before.  For many of us, this process is repeated day after day for years which then cause our body to start breaking down. The result starts with minor digestion problems such as Indigestion which then progressed into diseases such as acid reflux disease.

When we fail to recognize the integrity of metabolic enzymes and abuse the potential of enzymes whether it's because of lack of education on the subject or just wanting to live life our way, we are inviting the most serious types of intractable diseases to come in and establish their presence. We are constantly notifying cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, acid reflux disease, ulcers, etc. to make themselves at home in our bodies. According to Dr. Howell, Food Enzyme deficiency and its aftermath must be recognized as the most serious and profound oversight and omission in nutrition.

The first signs of enzyme deficiency are indigestion, gas and bloating after eating meals, fatigue, premature aging and weight gain are also signs of low enzymes in the body. Once our food is not digested properly, then the nutrients are unable to be absorbed by the body. When the food is not well digested, they remain in the stomach and can rot and putrefy. This results in a buildup of waste in the colon. This fecal matter then begins to decay, producing bacteria and toxins which eventually seep through the bowel wall, where capillaries pick them up and distribute them throughout the body which leads to malnutrition and ultimately a host of health problems. Digestion is the first process that must take place in a healthy body and many people fail right here in this first step.

To help the body in this process, we need to incorporate more fruits and raw vegetables in our diet which can be eaten or by juicing. By drinking the vegetables juices, the body is receiving fresh uncooked food, full of enzymes and nutrients in an easy to digest form. This makes a huge difference to the immune system and it puts very little stress on the digestive tract because the juice's nutrients enter the blood stream within minutes. You can also start by taking an Enzyme Supplement which for most people will definitely be more convenient and a sure way of getting your enzymes and thus help to prevent the depletion of the body's own enzymes and reducing the stress on the body.

If we consider that life requires energy and there is only so much to go around, the more energy you use digestively, the less energy you will have systemically and people nowadays do spend a lot of time digesting their food leaving them tired and without the energy needed to carry on their daily activities.

With the tremendous amount of relevant information from Dr. Howell and many other doctors, it definitely supports the law of adaptive secretion of DIGESTION ENZYMES which proclaims that the body values enzymes highly and produces no more of them than it is forced to. If more digestive food enzymes are eaten, the body will automatically make fewer digestive enzymes and can then produce more metabolic enzymes, should they be needed.  The body will therefore be in a better position to prevent or deal with the problems of killer diseases.

All Diseases Begin In The Gut- Hippocrates
The pictures that I have included of digestive enzyme supplements were only included to give you an idea of what you are looking for and not because I supported the brands.
The information in this article was not meant as medical advice, if you are on medications, please consult your physician.


Angela Palacio said...

This is a great article. Cherry thanks for the information. Digestion is the basis of great health. Which makes the different enzymes vital. You are doing a great job.

Cherry Cadle said...

Thanks for the comment Angela. I am hoping that the people that read the article will walk away that Good digestion is the basis of great Health.
Linda, thanks for the great music on the blog's website. I left it open while I am browsing, enjoying them.

Anonymous said...

Great article.Thanks Cherry

Anonymous said...

Great article Cherry. Keep doing what you love. Believe if you reach one person then what you are teaching is not in vein. Bekie :-)