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Embassy of Belize
in the United States of America

Permanent Mission of Belize to
the Organization of American States

High Commission for Belize to Canada                                                                October 26, 2010

Message to the Belizean Community in the United States regarding 
the passage of Hurricane Richard over Belize on October 24, 2010

My Dear Belizeans in the United States of America:

As you may be aware, Hurricane Richard, a Category One Hurricane, passed over Belize on Sunday, October 24, 2010 affecting a very large area in the central part of our country. The Prime Minister of Belize, the Honorable Dean Barrow, and the Honorable Melvin Hulse, Minister responsible for the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), informed on October 25, 2010, that Hurricane Richard resulted in extensive material damages, with preliminary estimates amounting to over thirty three million Belize dollars in lost housing, infrastructure and damage to the citrus industry.

A more comprehensive assessment of the damages to our country is under way, and while we await those results, we have been advised that the most immediate need is in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of housing for our fellow Belizeans that lost homes and properties. According to news reports, over two hundred homes were destroyed or extensively damaged, and the Government of Belize has emphasized its commitment to assist these Belizeans to rebuild their homes and to get back to a state of normalcy.

I wish to thank those Belizean individuals and representatives of Belizeans organizations that have called to express their concern and their willingness to assist our Belizeans at home in this hour of need. In this context, we have been advised that Belizeans in the Diaspora that wish to assist can best do so by monetary donations that will be used by NEMO to assist those Belizeans in need. In order to facilitate any donations, the Embassy of Belize has opened a small account with the HSCB Bank, and donations can be made via check made out to Embassy of Belize-Hurricane relief and mailed to:

Embassy of Belize
2535 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20008

We will keep you informed on the full damage assessment and to the efforts to rebuild after this natural catastrophe. Thank you all for your assistance and for your persevering interest in our beautiful country.

Nestor Mendez
Ambassador of Belize in the United States

2535 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20008 
Tel. (202) 332-9636. Fax: (202) 332-6888

Village View Post is encouraging all Belizeans abroad to donate whatever you can afford to help the families affected by Hurricane Richard, especially in Yabra and Hatteville areas.

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