Saturday, October 2, 2010


All Belizeans, travelling to Belize from the United States via Mexico, are advised to exercise extreme caution. According to Mexicans officials 72 migrants were found dead at a ranch near the US border last month. They were allegedly massacred by Mexicans bandeleros who are targeting illegal immigrants and people passing through from Brazil, Honduras, Ecuador and other Central American countries.

An Ecuadorian citizen, who survived the massacre escaped after being shot in the neck, but fled to a nearby checkpoint. The bodies of 58 men and 14 women were discovered after the wounded man informed the Mexican Marines that he had been attacked by a gang of gunmen.

More violence is being reported in Cancun, whereby, at least eight people were killed in a petrol bomb attack on a bar in Cancun. This wave of violence is considered to be drug related.

Many Belizeans travel to Belize via Cancun, Mexico, especially during the summer, Christmas and Easter Holidays.

Belizeans, be aware of the route you take and travel in caravans. We are living in perilous times and the Mexican bandits are on the prowl.
Mexican soldier at the Belize-Mexico border
A familiar sight to Belizeans travelling by bus to Cancun
Belize border checkpoint

By Percival Drummond of The Belizean Informer
Photos by Dr. Jane Crawford

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Helen said...

This is serious info - we have to be very careful and avoid travelling through Mexico. Thanks for the info Linda I will pass this along to my Belizean family and friends. Take care and enjoy today.