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As people's retirement plans have changed the Central American country of Belize is getting welcomed attention in the international media. US News and World Report, AARP, The Boston Herald, as well as Yahoo Finance published an article on how to retire in Belize on $1,500. a month and the response has been overwhelming. (via Yahoo)

(PRWEB) August 27, 2010 -- Retire on $1,500 a month in a frost-free tropical paradise? That dream is a reality in Belize which has been in the world headlines this month.

The ball got rolling on Friday the 13 this month with an article in US News and World Report, followed up by another article in the American Association of Retired Persons Magazine, and then an article in Yahoo Finance and the response has been overwhelming since then.

The articles highlight Belize as an ideal retirement destination due to it being the only English speaking country in Central America, close proximity to North America, and best of all, how you can retire in comfort for under U.S. $1,500. a month.

The U.S. News and World Report article mentioned several Belize retiree stories, including that of a Philadelphia woman Lara Lennon who retired to Ambergris Caye Belize and then decided to start a bikini clothing business which has become a runaway success.

Lara related in a recent interview that “I pay $65 a year in property taxes versus $7500 in Philadelphia. If you can redefine what you thought your retirement would look like, and you can make a few small changes”, you too can 'Live the Dream' just like me!”

The spate of Belize retirement articles led to intense interest on the Internet and many Belize related websites crashed due to the traffic spike.

Manolo Romero, Managing Director of the largest independent Belize website reports that "Our SMS alerts went off at at 6 on the morning of Friday the 13 signaling that our servers were coming under severe load. We had never seen something like this. We got so much traffic we thought it would take down our servers."

Romero said that thanks to the sever infrastructure which is mirrored in the U.S. to provide backup capacity, the website did not even break a sweat and is one of a handful of Belize websites that did not go down under the deluge of thousands of people all searching for information on Belize.

The most viewed article on the Belize website was Top Ten Reasons To Live Or Retire In Belize which is a concise guide for those considering buying a second home or retiring full time in Belize. Some folks are aware that Belize is an offshore banking center, so pages devoted to Belize Offshore Banking got a lot of attention

A writer and photojournalist, Romero says Belize is full of success stories from expats who have come up to Belize out of curiosity and then decided to stay.

"One of our customers, the first jungle lodge established in Belize in 1981 was set up by a wondering English couple who were exploring the world.

"Mike and Lucy Fleming arrived in Belize with 300 British Pounds - about U.S. $465. and leased an overgrown farm in the jungle in western Belize. They spent a couple of years hacking down bush, building a little cabin from local materials and living as subsistence farmers before buying the land outright.

"That farm today is Chaa Creek - a world-class Jungle Lodge that has been featured in
publications such as Conde Naste and National Geographic Adventure Magazine," said Romero,

In a recent interview Lucy Fleming was asked what inspires her about Belize:

"To live in a country where the people are as diverse and colorful as the unique environments they inhabit is truly inspirational. I am awed by the spirit of a people who are
able to create such a homogenized society configured by so many assorted heritages – Belize is home to eight distinct cultures."

Thanks to the media stories, Belize is now gaining increasing attention from families seeking to make their retirement plans or simply find a new place to reinvent themselves and make a fresh start.

M.A. Romero is a Belize based writer and photojournalist and Managing Director of Ltd. The company's main web site is at 

Photo by: Marius Jovaisa from his new book titled HEAVENLY BELIZE. This book is available at various book stores across Belize and orders can be placed online by visiting the Website at 


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