Monday, July 26, 2010


Clean Up Day!!

In an effort to keep Crooked Tree Village clean for visitors and tourists, a group of concerned residents spent the day cleaning and improving the site of the police station.

You may remember that the Crooked Tree Police Station was burnt to the ground by arsonists on February 9, 2010. The center of Crooked Tree Village is now spic and span after the group joined hands and hearts, and decided to clean up the debris left behind by the destructive fire.

The group said that tourism is a great part of their lives and they have a responsibility to keep the village that they depend on clean and beautiful.

After a day of clean-up the group got together to have some cold drinks later in the evening!

You can read more about the fire here: Crooked Tree Police Station burnt down
Clean up group: Becky Crawford, Calvin Gillett Jr., Bernard Miller, George Reynolds, Alvin Crawford, Humphrey Robert Armstrong and Gary Crawford


Gaspar Davince said...

I am so proud of my people......keep up the good job. Ms. Linda, which of your sister is in the pic? Angie's mom?

Winfield Tillett said...

Bravo to your sis and crew!

Please let them know how proud I am of them for trying to beautify their village. Crooked Tree needs community service minded people like them to get things done. Some three hundred library books that I have donated to the school should be arriving by now. We want to make our little jewel a special place to visit and cherish. We have the talent and if we all work together, Crooked Tree could be the talk of the town.

Maybe they can use the real estate where the police station was as a multi-purpose administrative building. They could look into the future and build a village library, a police station, a water authority, electricity office, a nursing clinic and all other governmental services office at a one stop facility. This would need an active and assertive village council effort, and even some Village View Post instigation.

Cherry Cadle said...

This is village pride at its best! I am so proud to see Becky and the rest of hardworking citizens took the lead in such a very important task. Bravo to those who helped and hopefully this will inspire more villagers to help on the next campaign.