Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Your road to an adventurous boat tour begins with Aloha!!
Aloha is a local Crooked Tree Village tour company, owned and operated by Humphrey Robert Armstrong.  Mr. Armstrong has made Crooked Tree Village his home for over twenty years.

Crooked Tree Village was established around 1750 during the logwood period, and is perhaps one of the earliest inland European settlement in Belize. This island consisting of about 16,400 acres of wetlands was the first wildlife sanctuary declared by the Government of Belize in 1984.   It is managed by the Belize Audubon Society.

A trip out and around the Crooked Tree Wetlands with Aloha Tours is an exciting adventure for the avid birdwatcher and novices alike. It will afford you a chance to witness some of the hundreds of migrating birds joining the numerous resident species. Tropical species includes the famous jabiru stork, found only in the network of lagoons around Crooked Tree Village, snowy egrets, ibis, kingfishers and many more. On Aloha’s boat tour you can also see the Central American River Turtle (locally known as Hickatee), Morelet's Crocodile, Mexican Black Howler Monkey, and the Yellow-headed Parrot.
Jabiru Stork
Aloha Tours knows that the best way to enjoy the natural beauty, and culture is to experience it up-close and personal. He has dedicated his time to being one of the best tour guides.

To experience the wild side, strap on your hiking boots, grab a paddle and join Aloha Tours for an adventure of a lifetime.

Come and explore some of the most beautiful wetlands in Belize!! Aloha Tours top priority is to ensure that your adventure is fun and safe!
Aloha Tours can also take you on a striking and pleasant trip down Spanish Creek, up the Belize River and into the Haulover Creek. The entrance to the Haulover Creek is actually the end of the Belize River, before it disgorges into the Caribbean Sea at Belize City. 
The Haulover Bridge
The Haulover Bridge spans the Northern Highway at the mouth of the Belize River. 
The Haulover Creek 
In the early days, most of Belize was navigable only by boats. Today, with the network of roads in Belize, the Haulover Creek is not used as often. As a result, the flora and fauna and the wild life is well preserved, and the ride on Aloha through the Haulover Creek can only be described as heavenly.

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Anonymous said...

You can be certain that when I go to Belize, I will go no a tour of the Belize River. As a girl, I remember my one trip to Belize City by boat - the one thing that fascinated me were the many iguanas in the trees. Thanks Linda for the info.

Tessa said...

My Goodness,the pictures are so beautiful and the water is just a lusting View.

I wish I was on that boat,what an adventure that must have been.


Anonymous said...

Linda, this is so beautiful!! Can't wait to go to Belize to take a stroll through the Haulover Creek; haven't been there for over 30 years, Wow!!

Belize Tour said...

Good pics that represent the natural beauty of Belize and I want to go on holiday lol

Adam said...

Robert! We miss you! We're so proud of you for fulfilling your dream of becoming a Tour owner in beautiful Crooked Tree.

Check this out, I got a starring role in an hour long, nationally televised TV show. Click here to see the promo:

And my voiceover work:

Please call Reva and me!! We talk to Ms Inez sometimes but it would be awesome to hear your voice too.