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(L-R) Zipporah Taylor, Roshanie Tillett, Kristy Ortega, Jessica Gillett, Jasmine Lauriano, Glorisha Taylor, Daniella Lightburn, Iris Micha Flores, Zane Tillett, Starlee Gillett, Tromeisha Tillett. Front Row (L-R) Ragee Gillett and Errol Rhaburn, Jaaziniah Wade (not pictured)

The Crooked Tree Village Primary School, in conjunction with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education is proud to announce the graduation of fourteen students of Standard Six on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 10:00am.We are confident that we have prepared each child to face the challenges of high school and we know that they will continue to be successful. Remember to make the best decisions, continue to set goals, and always do your personal best. We at the Crooked Tree Village School are proud of each of you and we look forward to hearing about your future journey.

On behalf of the staff, students and parents of the children of the Crooked Tree Primary School I would like to congratulate all of you for having successfully completed your primary school education. You have once again brought recognition to our school by attaining 100% passes in the PSE. Our school now ranks 7th out of 65 schools in the Belize District and 17th out of 282 in the country. This shows that even though we are a small remote school, if we work hard and believe in ourselves, anything is possible. 

I congratulate all of you especially the top four students who received A’s. Of special mention is Daniella Lightburn who scored 99% on Math and Jaaziniah Wade who scored 98% even though over 3000 students failed the Math Exam. Words cannot express how gratified and proud I am of all 14 of you.  Remember, your education is threefold. It requires total commitment from you, your family and our school. Our report card is exemplary and we hope that you take this with you to high school.  A formal education is very important in our changing world, but diligence and hard work are equally essential. Your teachers   have helped each of you to acquire the knowledge, skills and values that will carry you through in the world today. You are now headed to high school, and this is a time for you to set new goals and discover new challenges. It is now your responsibility to use what you have learned here to improve your life, your community, your country and the world at large. Many people are optimistic and excited; they have expressed a desire to help you in the next step, do not let them down.

Always keep in mind what your graduation song says, you have to” Keep Climbing.” Remember, how you behave determines what you will become in life. You have already proven that you have the courage to face a new challenge. When we meet again, I want to be proud of each and every one of you!! Never forget our motto: Striving for excellence!!

Best wishes for a bright future!
Daniella Lightburn-Valedictorian 99% in Math on PSE
Jaaziniah Wade 98% in Math on PSE
Jasmine Lauriano 88% in Math on PSE

Jessica Gillett 82% in Math on PSE
Daniella Lightburn and Jaaziniah Wade are the top PSE scorers, with 368 points out of a possible 400. The Primary School Examination (PSE) is a two-part standardized exam given to students to assess their achievement of curriculum content and skills in the areas of English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science of the National Primary School Curriculum. A release by the Ministry of Education states that “the examination seeks not to rank students in comparison to other students, but to report what each student has achieved for individual skills.”
                   Introduction of Guest Speaker:John Gillett II

John Gillett II was born in Crooked Tree Village to parents John and Zillah Gillett and attended The Crooked Tree Village Government School. In 1966 he passed his scholarship examination and attended high school and sixth form at the Belize Technical College. In 1973 after completing his sixth form education at the college, he obtained a scholarship from the Belize Sugar Industries Ltd where he went on to earn his higher national diploma in chemistry at the East Ham College of Technology in the United Kingdom. Later on he successfully completed a course in Sugar Technology at the Nichols State University in Louisiana. More recently he completed a course in Sugar Refining and Management in Swaziland and Southern Africa, as well as many other related courses in other parts of the world.

Mr. Gillett returned from London to Belize in 1976 where he continued his employment with BSI as the Factory Chemist and was later promoted to the post of Production Superintendent. He is currently the Factory Manager of the Belize Sugar Industries Ltd, where he has held that Position for the past four years.  Mr. Gillett still maintains a resident in Crooked Tree Village and visits his ranch on a weekly basis, where he's able to relax with the cattle and horses he enjoys.

He is also a great supporter and promoter of the Brilliant Cricket Club of Crooked Tree Village.
Johnny, as he is known by his villagers and friends, believes in hard work and dedication, and remains focused as he aims to better the community.


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Cherrry Cadle said...

Congratulations to the teachers, parents and most importantly the students of this wonderful school of ours. After all these years the school is still being recognized as one of the best in the country. This couldn't not have been possible without the hardwork and dedication of the teachers, parents and students. Now more than ever, because of the growth of technology, a good education is a must in this new era. Stay focus,pray, work hard and keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel, graduates. It will pay off in the future. Congratulations!

Pamela Banner Bucknor said...

Congratulations to all the students who have accomplished so much and to all the teachers and Principal who had a hand in their accomplishments. I am so proud of all of them. Also our thanks should go out to Mr. John Gillett who took time out of his busy schedule to give the graduation speech. Last, but not least, congratulations to the parents who had a hand in guiding their children to have come this far. Keep striving for the best! (Pamela Banner Bucknor)