Sunday, May 9, 2010


Sometimes I sit down and wonder what will I find to begin the week or for that matter wrapped up the week. I try to think of funny or entertaining topics, but many times I end up with a mental block.

Many times my sources of inspiration just seem to dry up, but I always try to keep up beat about my next post or topic lurking around the corner. If any of you out there feel sympathy for me, perhaps you can send in my next topic.

Since next weekend is the annual Cashew Festival in Crooked Tree Village, and because I’m suffering from sleep deprivation, I thought I’d take an easy way out to show you all the fruits in the village this week. Here’s what you can get to eat and just in time for the festival!!

Big Juicy Cashews
May Plums
Custard Apples

Photos by: Dr. Jane Crawford and Laura Crawford


Angela Palacio said...

Linda you are doing a great job. Happy Mother's Day to you. Nice pictures of the fruits that are available in the jewel. Those May plums look bigger than the mangoes. Are they May plum on steroids?

Nyashazasha said...

Well, as far as topics, certainly the Cacao Fest is coming up. In anticipation perhaps you could profile the local chocolate business whose product is marketed under the Green and Blacks label. Can't remember the name of the family that runs the business right now, but their story is fascinating. You could also profile, also in Punta Gorda, or write about local Mother's Day celebrations. I think Mother's Day is really one of the biggest traditions of the year.

Ishmael Faber said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for all you are doing for Crooked Tree and Belize, Just keep it coming.

Crooked Tree is also known for its fish, some info and pictures would be appreciated.

Ishmael Faber

Joseph said...


Why don't you speak of the wonderful resort community in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Francis Ford Copola.

I understands it is amongst a beautiful waterfall and pine forest area.



Paula said...

You can do a "remember when" series and ask for feedback from your fans.

Like I would say, "Remember when we used to sift weeble outa flour". I bet you would get some hilarious ones. You can add your spin to it and maybe this would give you a break from trying to figure out topics for a few weeks.


A Cuban In London said...

Happy Mothers' Day. That was a fantastic post with brilliant photos.

Greetings from London.

Raquel said...

Hi Linda,

I love seeing those cashew trees. You are making me homesick!!!


Philippa Metzgen Burns said...

Topics... What kind of medical service is offered in Crooked Tree? What happens in the case of an emergency?


Aretha Tillett said...

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to say thank you for these pictures, even thou it made me want to cry because I miss my little Crooked Tree so much. I would love to eat one of those cashew right

Thank you for posting these pictures,they are awesome!!!

Aretha Tillett