Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Belize is a tropical paradise. Lying along the 300 miles of the Caribbean coastline is the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Belize is a country of many cayes, inland tropical forests, pristine rivers, ancient Maya temples, and sacred caves. The rich culture reflects the diversity of the peoples who call Belize home: Maya, Creole, European, Garifuna, Mestizo, East Indian, Chinese and Mennonite.

The flora and fauna in Belize are spectacular. Among the 540 species of birds in Belize, you’ll hear flocks of parrots noisily announce their presence in the jungle and the teasing calls of various birds that blend into the tropical landscape. An amazing number of mammals are found in Belize. You’ll see a variety of birds, butterflies and mammals as you hike, mountain bike, or horseback ride through the forest; or canoe, kayak, or tube down the rivers. 

Galen University, located in the Cayo district, was named in honor of the Greek scholar and physician, Galen, who lived from 130-220 A.D. Galen University is an independent, community-oriented university chartered by the Government of Belize. The mission of Galen University is to provide excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education to prepare and aid students to achieve their dreams and goals.

Are you curious about, and want to experience how other cultures live and work? Would you like to make a difference in the community where you are studying? Then Belize and Galen University have a wealth of opportunities to make your "mark," and contribute to sustainable development. There are needs in the larger community where our studies and activities can make a real difference, through Community Service Learning projects. 
Classes are held in English on our welcoming, close knit campus, and in areas around the University and the country. Galen offers full semester programs, intensive, four week summer courses and full degree programs. Each program is designed to maximize a student’s academic needs inside and outside the classroom.

Seven (7) undergraduate University of Indianapolis (UINDY) degrees are offered by Galen University in Belize. Those programs are: Anthropology, Archaeology, Business Administration, Economics, Environmental Science, International Business, and Marketing.
For accreditation details, go to http://galen.edu.bz/index.php/accreditation-details
For information on Galen University on the University of Indianapolis website, see: http://international.uindy.edu/galen.php
For much more information on Galen University, go to: http://galen.edu.bz/
Belize is an ideal location to complete all or part of your studies, and is easily accessible as a travel destination. Its heritage and diverse ecosystems provide ample opportunities for field studies and experiences for a number of courses (archeology, ecology, marine biology, botany, biology, zoology, conservation). The bilingual nature of the Cayo District, allows you to practice your English or Spanish outside the classroom, and the peaceful and safe environment allows you to focus on your studies.

Contact information for Belizean students outside of Belize wanting more information on Galen University’s Study Abroad in Belize program: studyabroad@galen.edu.bz

See you in Belize!!!

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