Monday, March 22, 2010


 Back L-R:  Rodwell Conorquie, Shane Westby,  J. Gillett II,  Arturo Wade, Kenna Dawson,    Heckland Adolphus,  Reynard Tillett,  Darrell Tillett
Middle L-R:  Alvin Tillett,  Kevin Tillett,  Landis Wade,  Eldon Wade
Front L-R:  Alpheus Gillett,  Howell Gillett,  Varon Westby,  Brandon Lewis,  Akeem Tillett
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The new Brilliant Cricket Team of Crooked Tree Village, defending champion of the Belize 
 Rural Cricket Championship Trophy for three years in a row, and the only team ever to register three consecutive championships title.

The Belize District Cricket Association and Elihue Bonner is taking this opportunity to announce that Brilliant Cricket Team is under new management. Darrell Tillett is now the manager, and Elston Wade, the President of Belize National Cricket Association. 

The new uniforms were purchased with donation from villagers and through the assistance of John Gillett II.

On Saturday, March 20th Brilliant hosted Surprise of Lemonal Village. Surprise batted 173, and Brilliant 149 all out.
Rodwell Conorquie preparing to bowl.......

ball is on the way........

Howell Gillette at bat

Surprise at bat......

Reynard Tillett hitting a four......


Brandon 'Fudd' Lewis

All photos by Janine Tillett


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see cricket being kept alive. I need to take my son back to my village so he can learn this game.He has no knowledge at all what this game is.

Anonymous said...

You do. It's a wonderful part of our heritage. Maybe we should definitely try to arrange a cricket match for one of the reunions.

Anonymous said...

Cricket will remain alive in Belize especially in the Belize District Rural. This however, have nothing to do with any of the "associations" neither the BNCA or the BDCA,it is because of our fans and dedicated players whom do not care about which association administrating as displaying in this year's Harrison Parks competitions. Just keep in mind that a competent watchful eye is on the outside looking in for this season;one whom had proven himself competent and able to move cricket back to where it is today.

Linda Crawford said...

Hi Anonymous,

We will definitely have a cricket game for the next reunion. Last reunion we were suppose to have some games, but because of the rain, we had to cancel.

Why don't you identify yourself by sending me an e-mail. I would love to talk and maybe get some help from you for the next reunion in 2011.

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