Friday, March 12, 2010


Front Row (L-R) Daniella Lightburn, Elma Wade, Zipporah Taylor, Sherelee Adolphus, Jessica Gillett
Back Row (L-R) Roshanie Tillett, Tara Tillett, Lennisha Gillett, Starlee Gillett, Zhanae Jex, Tromeisha Tillett, Jasmine Lauriano 
Coaches: (L) Anna Gillett  (R) Alden Wade

Winning the Belize Rural Softball Championship for girls is a big deal, but winning it twice in a row is epic. The Warriors of Crooked Tree Village took their title with relative ease, winning three games in a row, and claiming the crown for Crooked Tree School once again.  

On March 10th, 2010 the first game of the marathon was held at the Cashew Festival Grounds in Crooked Tree against Lucky Strike, and apparently they were not lucky enough for the Crooked Tree Warriors. Zhanae Jex was the first to bring in the runs for the Warriors, and Lucky Strike quickly surrendered 6-1.  

In the second game, Double Head Cabbage was “slammed and demolished” by the Warriors with a 23-0 victory. Warriors struck them all out, and Jasmine Lauriano shut them down with the most runs scored in the marathon.

And like true champions, the Warriors rose to the occasion, got all the necessary hits with an impressive offensive, and wrapped up the series by toppling Burrell Boom, 11-2, to win the Belize Rural Championship Title.

An award ceremony was held immediately following the conclusion of the game. Players on the teams were presented with individual ribbons, and first and second place trophies were given to the teams. The trophies and ribbons were handed out by Mr. Stanley Reneau of the Belize Sports Council.

With the championship title, the Warriors earned the BRSC automatic qualification into the Belize City teams, and if they prevail, they will advance to the finals, the Belize National Championship. Pairings will be announced in April.
Coach Alden Wade and Anna Gillett said that with the shutout of Double Head they were ready to seal the deal. But Wade also said that it was a group effort, “our team this year was awesome, we played hard and everyone was feeling hot! Hot! Hot!
Two of the most successful softball coaches in Crooked Tree Village of all time, Alden Wade and Anna Gillett shares how their team practices during the season to produce the results. The coaches said their victory is the direct result of diligence, hard work, and well thought out practice sessions.  If you want to win you need a checklist of drills to add to your practice. The drill that we used is comprehensive and focuses on hitting, base running, pitching, throwing and catching, and infield and outfield defense.

The Principal of Crooked Tree School, Verla Jex, teachers, Winnie Gillett and George Tillett are extremely proud of their girls and the lessons of hard work and determination they taught them. They would also like to thank the coaches, Alden Wade and Anna Gillett for their time, valuable team work, and efforts spent during the year. Last, but not least, they would like to thank all the villagers who donated funds during their fund raising drive.

Principal Jex said that many of the children and their families could not afford the uniforms required for the team, but is extremely grateful for BZ$1000; donated by villagers to help with uniforms and supplies.

If anyone from abroad would like to match the funds donated by the villagers or contribute in any way to the team’s fund raising efforts can contact her at:

Principal Verla Jex
Crooked Tree Village School
Belize District, Belize 
Central America

Your contributions would be very much appreciated!


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