Sunday, December 27, 2009


The Embassy of Mexico in Belize would like to apologise for any inconvenience you experienced when visiting Mexico.
Regarding the immigration process:

1.   As you know from the 1st of July Belizeans do not need visa (consular stamp) to enter Mexican territory, you only need to show your passport (with a minimum of 6 month validity) to the officers and they will provide you a blue form (FMT) that you need to fill in and give back to them when you’re leaving Mexico. That blue form is FREE, as the press release says.

2.   But there is a departure fee that has to be paid. You have to pay $262 pesos per person before leaving Mexico in two different cases:
        a) As a Tourist if you stay more than 7 days, or
        b) In transit even if you stay less than one day. In transit: when you enter Mexico to go to another country or to come back to Belize.

You have to pay this fee at any bank listed on the back of the form, and not to the officers, in the understanding that this payment is not for the visa, but a departure fee.

If you have any further question please contact Mr. Marcelino Miranda at 223 0193 or 223 0194.

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