Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sasha Obama, the daughter of President Obama, looks at "Courage" the turkey. The president will pardon this turkey and send him to Disneyland to live out the rest of his life.

I was in New York just before Halloween and was surprised to see the Home Depot in Manhattan in full swing for Christmas. It seems that we can’t even wait for Thanksgiving anymore before starting the Christmas madness.

As you all know, the glittering lights and Christmas tunes have a certain effect on us that causes us to shop and spend a lot of money. With the economy in a decline, the holiday season is putting a lot of pressure on families this year. Before you set foot in the malls, please make a budget with details on how much you can afford to spend on everyone on your shopping list.

The best bet this year is to remove your credit card from your wallets, and withdraw the cash you plan to spend from your account.  For the kids, maybe the bookstore would be a good place to start. Let them choose their own book and explain to them that Mommy and Daddy can’t give them a whole lot this year.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and many of us will be celebrating and giving thanks for our family and our loved ones across America and in Belize.

May your Thanksgiving be full of blessings, grace, joy, peace and love!

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