Monday, November 30, 2009


The Living Word Ministries Church
The last of the annual Harvest Festivals took place in Crooked Tree Village yesterday, Sunday, November 29th, 2009.
Harvest is an annual religious festival of thanksgiving. It is done in a spirit of fellowship. There are five churches in the village and the month of November is set aside as Harvest month. It started with the Church of the Nazarene and ended yesterday at the Living Word Ministries. Real community spirit is demonstrated when the members of each church visits and attends the others’ harvest celebration.  It is a time of fellowship and coming together; groups of volunteers from each church, led by their pastors decorate the churches and plan the events. This is also a good opportunity for family, friends and visitors to worship together and give thanks.

The local farmers come together to give thanks for a good harvest. The churches are decorated with the first crops of the season such as corn, rice, pumpkins, squash, sugarcane, banana, and oranges. There is also a variety of sweets and cakes on display. The children and young teens performed elaborate marches down the aisle in the church with their baskets laden with fruits, pastries, and cakes.  They then take center stage to recite poems of thanksgiving and worship.  The visiting congregation, also participate in the activity by sharing a song or a poem.

The Harvest Festival is also a good fundraiser for the church. The day following the Harvest, the pastor and committees will sell all the products that were on display. The Harvest and Thanksgiving represents one of the traditions of Crooked Tree Village.

Gabriel Crawford at Wesleyan Church of Corozal Town

(L) Kaylee Wade (R) Gabriel Crawford 

Photos by Dr. Jane Craword


RG said...

This really brings back memories. I am glad to know that the tradition is still alive!


Janet said...

Hi Linda,

I can not wait to get to Belize to eat some of these wonderful harvest!

Thanks for the nice pictures!


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