Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mr. Cecil "Kaffa" Russell on the farm of Mr. Leonard & Mrs. Yvonne Wade Tillett. I am happy to see a variety of farm animals in Crooked Tree Village. This way of life is fast disappearing in Crooked Tree due to the American culture. Thank you Ms Yvonne for showing the beauty and the old ways that still exist in our culture.

Fattening the pigs for sale

Whistling Ducks

Miscovy Duck  

Mama pig taking care of her piglets

Papa pig

Guinea hens-disappearing fast in Crooked Tree Village

Locked up to stop incubation of eggs.(Sitting on eggs to hatch them)

Talking parrots-these birds have the ability to mimic your speech

Turkeys-being fattened for Christmas

Mother hen and chicks

The Guard

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