Sunday, May 31, 2009


Cashew Tree in full bloom! Check out the sugary white sand in Crooked Tree Village.

This is an unusual bunch of cashew, six on one stem. (Photo of cashew by Robbie Gillett:click on photos to enlarge)

Mr. Birty and Mrs. Ann Kerr, removing the nuts from the cashew fruits. In Belize there is still no mechanical method to prepare the nuts. This is an all day, back breaking chore.
Mrs. Ann Kerr and grand-son, removing the nut from the cashew fruit.
Mr. Elario Eck, picking cashew fruit (apple) with his dog.
Amber Wade: MVP of all middle schools in Belize. Next school year, Amber will be heading to high school in the city. She is being recruited by the best schools for their softball teams. We would like to congratulate Amber and wish her all the best for her future academic and softball career.
Amber Wade with a bowl of almost prepared cashew nuts, with sister Elma.
Amber Wade (MVP of Crooked Tree School Softball Team, Champions of Belize) and brother Alden Wade, Jr. preparing cashew nuts.
Anna Marie Gillett, preparing cashew nuts: Mother of Amber Wade, MVP of Crooked Tree School Softball Team
Louise Crawford: Preparing dinner for guests

Albert Crawford and Gilda Crawford Arzu(cousins): Hanging out at Louise's house for dinner. The vacation spot in Crooked Tree.
Rosita Crawford Munoz in Belize for Cashew Fest 2009

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