Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Children of the Crooked Tree Village School all decked out in their uniforms

In Belize, all government schools and most private schools, uniforms are compulsory. The idea of school uniforms is suppose to serve two purposes; to instill pride and belonging in the schools and to eliminate competition in personal dress. All schools have very detailed requirements and they also issue a uniform list which explains all items for day-to-day wear. Often this list includes shoes and sometimes specialized sports wear and equipment.
Belize and many former British colonies have uniforms based on traditional English styles. The uniforms for girls are usually knee length navy blue ( or some other dark color) pleated skirts and a lighter color polo type shirt; for boys, it's the same colors in long slacks and polo type shirts.

The parents of Crooked Tree Village and the principal of the Crooked Tree Village School would like to thank Yvette and Lyndon Quiros for donating twenty one uniforms for girls to the Crooked Tree Village School. Your donation of these new school uniforms helps to boost the self esteem of these children.


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